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There’s more beer to drink today

There are a few things going on today in Birmingham (as Christina pointed out in her column on Friday); last night some of the staff decided to check out the Magic City BrewFest at Sloss Furnaces.

Good People Beer being served at BrewFest 2008 in Bimingham, AL.

We ran into some good people, Good People and ,of course, great beer. It’s looking like the rain’s going to cooperate (at least a little) this afternoon, so we may see you out there again today. We might even try a live post. BTW – for those of you reading this and planning to attend today, check out the event website’s front page for an update on what’s going on today.

Why we’re quiet today

Honestly, we’re not really sure…

I could say that we’re just resting up for tomorrow night’s visit to the Magic City Brewfest (which we kind of are) but… no. I could tell you it’s a break from posting as we prepare to unveil a revamped website on Monday (true also, but not a great reason).

I do want to point out one non-Birmingham thing going on tonight (that would be a great reason for us to be out of town and quiet if gas wasn’t about to hit $4/gallon).

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