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Time to make plans…

In all fairness, we here at the Terminal thought you might need more time to plan for the weekend. Some of the events we highlight have limited seating or the potential to sell out quickly. While we can’t keep stuff from selling out, we’re at least going to give you more of a fighting chance by giving you a heads up a few days earlier.

So if you care to see what Christina basically has planned for her weekend and the events she thinks you’ll be interested in too, click here to keep reading.

You might also be interested in finding out which area chicken salads Terri’s “In Love With”…

On Timetable: music and living on a shoestring

Perhaps a little less than a shoestring depending on how you view the world. Sam’s current suggestions for weekend musical satisfaction is up, courtesy of r3vrb.

Meanwhile, Terri’s In Love With spending as little as possible while still living the high life. Sounds like a great reason to file this post.

We’re “In Love With” Timetable’s newest column

Thanks to yesterday’s storms, we didn’t get a chance to properly introduce and welcome back Terri Dann to our band of merry bloggers. Not that she’s ever really left – she’s contributed previously to Timetable and is currently settling into her new job at Birmingham-based Mental Floss magazine.

“In Love With” is about whatever Terri decides it will be about, but always about something that relates back to things happening and going on in The Magic City. Check out the first edition of the column and let her know what you think.

BTW – If you want to join our growing team of voices here at The Terminal, check out the details about our weekly staff meetings at Java and Jams.