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Facebook users beware

There is a new phishing scam on Facebook that is trying to trick members of the popular social networking site to share their profile login information – and we’re not talking about yesterday’s fbaction.net situation.

Beware of any messages that you receive today asking you to check out a site called fbstarter.com. Do not visit the site or enter your Facebook login information. We’ll thank Nate over at Varloo Design for the head’s up on the new twist.

The Gardens have gone 2.0


Screenshot of the Birmingham Botanical Garden’s blog, The Garden Dirt.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens have been embracing the world of social media in recent weeks, introducing a Twitter feed, @bbgardens, as well as launching a new blog called The Garden Dirt Blog. In addition, they have a Flickr profile and a fan page on Facebook.

An ever influential virtual influence on people learning about one of the state’s largest natural physical destinations.

There’s a push for a Trader Joe’s

trader_joes… and I do mean a push. Fans of Trader Joe’s in metro Birmingham are leading an effort to get the Monrovia, CA-based company to put a location here. They’ve created a Facebook group to hopefully get the attention of the privately held business. The group is starting to grow – it’s sitting at 129 members as this post is written, with folks in the group leaning towards the store’s placement on the city’s east side, particularly Woodlawn or Crestwood. One of the distribution centers is in Atlanta, so apparently it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch… Plus it would give folks another option if they were able to buy gourmet beer after tomorrow’s vote.

If you’re interested, join the group or contact Trader Joe’s using their website’s email submission function.

New Good People brew debuts at Harvest Brew

The post title pretty much tells the story. 9 Numbers is reporting that Good People Brewing Company will be introducing an Oatmeal Stout tomorrow evening at Homewood’s Harvest Brew event. Tria Market’s blog has all of the pertinent information on this Oktoberfest celebration beginning at 5 p.m.According to the 9 Numbers post, it’s a limited release, so if you don’t get it tomorrow, you’ll want to get on over to the J. Clyde and Five Points Grill next week.

While we’re at it, the folks at Good People are asking folks to become fans of their page on Facebook instead of becoming friends with their profile.

Facebook friends unite!

The United Way of Central Alabama has launched a new group on Facebook and they want you to join and help them spread the word.

It is a Causes page that is part of this year’s annual campaign. They’re trying to bolster the number of members in part because tomorrow they’re asking their followers on Facebook to change their profile image in an effort to make even more folks aware of their efforts. We’re looking into doing some redecorating ourselves for the day. Head on over and check it out!

Birmingham through the eyes of a fan

Birmingham, AL's Squidoo page

Screenshot of Birmingham, Alabama on Squidoo

For those not familiar with Squidoo, it’s a really cool online tool that allows you to share information about any topic you can possibly think of on one page, called lenses.

Well, one of our fans on Facebook shared their Squidoo page about Birmingham and now we’re going to share it with you so you can help it grow.

Got any other websites you want to share with us (or others) you can always post links on the wall of our  page on Facebook or you can visit The Rumble and learn of other ways to help us share stuff with others about what’s going on.