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WordCamp Birmingham, Social South launch websites

We’ve been silent for the past few days (well, we were saying stuff on Twitter, but for the most part that means that we’ve been silent for the past few days…).

WordCamp Birmingham logoOur reason for silence – the launching of the new WordCamp Birmingham website just in time to open registration (complete with an early bird discount) and announce a call for speakers and sponsors for September 26 & 27. We’re still wondering if Matt Mullenweg will choose to wear his black Terminal T while he’s presenting, but we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, head on over and check it out.

FYI, Social South also unveiled its site last week. The first edition of this social media conference will take place here in The Magic City on August 21 & 22. They’ve also announced an early bird registration fee.

Facebook users beware

There is a new phishing scam on Facebook that is trying to trick members of the popular social networking site to share their profile login information – and we’re not talking about yesterday’s fbaction.net situation.

Beware of any messages that you receive today asking you to check out a site called fbstarter.com. Do not visit the site or enter your Facebook login information. We’ll thank Nate over at Varloo Design for the head’s up on the new twist.

Cable outage in Crestwood, Southside

We’ve just learned via Wade Kwon’s Twitter feed that cable and Internet service in Crestwood has been down since about 1 a.m. this morning. Another Terminal Twitter follower, _colm_, let us know that the Bright House service outage is also affecting sections of Birmingham’s Southside. According to Kwon’s tweet, a line was cut due to a fire on Southside last night, causing the disruption. There’s currently no estimate being provided for when service will be restored.

The train knocked out the cable… seriously

This morning we noticed a bunch of tweets from folks talking about the loss of their Charter services since last (Sunday) night, meaning some pretty upset folks if they were trying to watch Shaq and Kobe reunite during the NBA All Star Game or Kenseth finally win at Daytona.

While we thought it was rather weird timing considering they’d just announced that they’d be filing for bankruptcy protection in the coming weeks, we hoped it was a much simpler reason. Well, according to this report by the Birmingham Business Journal, it was simpler (though a lot more nerve wracking than we thought it was going to be for those folks down in Montevallo).