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Got Plans 2.0 – 2.27-3.1

For those of you who are Terminal regulars, I like to think that you were all teary-eyed back in October when Christina wrote her last Got plans? post.  Without it how else were you going to know what to do for the weekend?

I don’t know if you were able to realize it, but what The Terminal laid out in that weekly post was the power to one up those who waste time late Friday afternoon searching the web or flipping through various weekly-published event calendars searching for something to do.  Well, after a justified hiatus, today marks the return of got plans.  With a new style and new direction I set out to be the genius behind your weekend.  As the new writer, let me do all the work.  I’ll flip through the pages and click the links, from there I’ll suggest three or four Terminal-worthy events.  If anything it’ll just be the things you shouldn’t be missing. 

On the flip side, I don’t have the swagger to claim that I’m writing a definitive weekend guide, so if I leave something out, make a comment and let the rest of us know what’s up.  Above all, when someone asks how you know about all this cool stuff, give The Terminal some credit and we’ll keep this conversation going…

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Got plans this weekend? 3.7 – 3.9

Wow, after last weekend’s marathon of events it looks like slim pickings for this weekend. But never fear, I have found what I think are some pretty cool things to do.

Little boys and big boys (and yes, little girls and big girls too) can take to the air at the Southern Museum of Flight now through Saturday. On hand is a F-15 Eagle flight simulator complete with throttle, stick and rutter peddles. Ooohhhh. Realistic sound and detailed graphics put you right in the cockpit.


Admission is $5/$4 for children. The museum is located at 4343 73rd St. North out near the airport. Call 833-8226 to check times the ride … I mean simulator … is flying. And don’t use the word hostage in any kind of a sentence while there. Example, the boss really held us “hostage” in the board room yesterday. Wouldn’t want Big Brother to throw you into a dark, bottomless holding facility far, far away.

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