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Mozilla controls the horizontal and the vertical…

Firefox Download Day 2008That should be what the folks at Mozilla should be saying (or thinking) today. Much of Birmingham’s blogosphere and Twitterverse is abuzz with the pending release of Firefox 3 today at 12 p.m. CDT.

So we’ll warn you that if you had any plans of surfing the web somewhere in that time frame, be prepared for some sites to be moving a little slow, since as of 11 a.m. 1,728,914 folks have signed up to help Mozilla attempt to set the Guinness record for the most software downloads in a 24-hour period.

We here at The Terminal are most interested since we actually design the site with Firefox in mind, so we’d at least suggest that you try out this new edition of the browser…

Pepper Place Farmers Market rained out for May 3

Well, we did say try in that last post yesterday… but we felt that you would want to know that this morning’s debut of the 2008 Pepper Place Farmers Market has been rained out for May 3 (the threat of lightning didn’t help either). We wouldn’t want you to venture out in this storm for good food and be disappointed…

The rest of the 2008 schedule is available in our listing of the event. It runs through September 27.

A taste of the Connection

Eyebeam 2008 - acnatta/Flickr

Eyebeam 2008 at the 25th annual ONB Magic City Art Connection. acnatta/Flickr

We’re pretty sure that you’ve checked out all that we’ve written about this year’s Magic City Art Connection in Linn Park through Sunday.

But we figured you’d want to check out this scene courtesy of the Imagination Festival’s Eyebeam area, sponsored by Giattina Aycock.

Maybe we’ll see you out there today…

A strange two-part request

I’m not exactly sure if this will work, especially since there are so many folks that will probably not see this in time, but it doesn’t hurt to ask…

We did the math last night and figured that there’s got to be at least 50 It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham (Black Terminal) t-shirts currently floating around The Magic City. We also figure that most of you will be at least considering showing up at the Magic City Art Connection during this weekend (rain or shine). So, we were wondering if it would be possible to get most of you to wear your shirts this weekend when you head out there – I’ll wear mine on Saturday.  We just figured it would be a pretty cool way to let folks know who’s reading the site (and maybe even get some more folks involved).

There’s a second part to this request – to ask all of you that currently have shirts to send in a picture to us of you wearing it. We’ll share it with everybody else in a new gallery that we’re setting up as soon as we get the first images in. Send your photos to photos@bhamterminal.com or if you’re a Flickr member, add them to our Flickr group.

Thanks a lot and enjoy the weekend!

Earth Day plans?

BTW – how about letting us know what your plans are for Earth Day over on Magic City Question?

Just wondering…

We did promise Art on the Rocks info

Art on the Rocks 2007 logoArt on the Rocks starts next month at the Birmingham Museum of Art (May 16 to be exact).

So we figured that we’d provide some links, some images, some music and some info to get you feeling anxious for it to finally get here. Head on over to Timetable and check it out.
We hope you like it.

Looks like we got two right…

City Stages formally announced part of their 2008 lineup via The Birmingham News as a front page article in Sunday’s (today’s) paper. This list includes a couple of big names – like Diana Ross and The Flaming Lips.

Looks like we were correct in identifying two of this year’s acts , The Roots (March 18) and Old Crow Medicine Show (yesterday). The News was able to figure out a couple of them as well (and a lot earlier than we were – see the Old Crow post to find links to those posts).

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