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Travelogue: Not quite abandoned yet

A look up into the Lyric Theater. acnatta/FlickrJJ MacCrimmon is a photographer out of Huntsville, AL who recently posted these images of the historic Lyric Theater on his blog Orbits of a deluded mind. He’s promised to share additional photos from his trip this past July soon.

The upper floors of the building that housed the theater has been vacant for many years now, but as many of you may know (and as JJ points out in his first post of photos back in December) there are many people working to restore the property and have it see use again as a performance venue for Birmingham, AL. The Lyric is currently owned by Birmingham Landmarks, Inc., the organization that currently operates The Alabama Theatre. Folks looking for additional information about the theater can check out this entry on BhamWiki or this post from Cinema Treasures.

Folks looking to find out how they can help with the theater’s renovation efforts should check out the official Lyric Theater website.

Photo: A look up into the Lyric Theater. acnatta/Flickr

Promoting compassion for animals and people…

The Chicago Tribune shined the spotlight on the work of Cynthia Bathurst, a recipient of the American Veterinary Medical Association‘s 2009 Humane Award. in yesterday’s edition of the paper. The Birmingham, AL native currently serves as the head of Safe Humane Chicago, a “2-year-old effort to fight violence by promoting compassion for animals as well as people,” as reported by the Mobile Press-Register earlier today.

The program works with more than 60 area organizations, including schools and churches and community groups to help get a message of anti-violence out to residents in the city’s high-crime areas.

Bathurst has also been featured on the City of Chicago’s website and was a founder of D.A.W.G.

Travelogue: Preservation in Pink looks at B’ham’s history

Preservation in Pink headerPreservation in Pink contributors Kaitlin O’Shea and Vinny Healy recently visited Birmingham for a few days, getting a chance to take in some of our historic sites. Of course, this means a series of posts on the preservation-issues site, beginning with this one on Kelly Ingram Park and its historic surroundings. It should be an interesting series.

Travelogue: a taste of international Davis Cup coverage

There’s been a great deal of coverage via our numerous media outlets about this weekend’s Davis Cup tie here in Birmingham, AL. We thought it might be a good idea to take a look at how international media outlets are covering the event. Check out this podcast (click on the green button in the post to listen) conducted by World Radio Switzerland about the matches scheduled for this weekend in The Magic City.

SPOILER ALERT: BTW, While James Blake lost his match, it appears that Andy Roddick will win his.

Travelogue: Some notes from the Hostess City

Any time that we can get The Bottletree and Wild Sweet Orange in the same post, we consider it a treat as well as a great excuse to stick it on the front page. Birmingham, AL resident Deanne Revel decided to use WSO lead singer Preston Lovinggood and the popular Southside watering hole as the basis for a story posted yesterday on the website of the student newspaper of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Yep, I’m just happy I found a way to get District mentioned on The Hub finally (I’m a former EIC of the paper) 🙂

BTW – Terminally Happy Hour is Thursday, February 5 starting at 5 p.m. at The Bottletree (though you can get there when Happy Hour starts at 3 – we just won’t see you until 5). Appetizers courtesy of The Bottletree and we’re giving away white Terminal Ts. We’ll have all of that invite stuff up tomorrow, so check back.

Birmingham talks about race in the NYT

Race seems to have captured the nation’s (and the world’s) attention recently. Our own Bob Farley recently shot some photos as part of a piece that is currently on The New York Times‘ website entitled, “Talk About Race? Relax, It’s O.K.“. His photo of Christophe Jackson, a Ph.D. candidate at UAB, was used for it and you can see it if you visit the site (and get by the registration if you need to).

I was interviewed by a member of France 24‘s team for a story that will run sometime in the near future. We’ll let you know when it’s up. Is the conversation getting easier?

More lists, always with the lists

The latest list to appear comes from Birmingham, AL based Southern Living. Readers will be able to check out the list of the best places in the South in the January issue – or there is another option.

Jackie Hutcherson over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch decided to review and share the lists over on Hit the Road, Jack. While we didn’t make the best city list (and FYI – Charleston got top honors there), Homewood made the list of best neighborhoods to shop. Highlands Bar and Grill and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens made lists too; you should hop on over and see which ones.