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Birmingham enjoys some good press

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about Birmingham, AL going on in both mainstream media and on blogs that have a slightly wider reach than some of us may realize.

One example of this increase in attention come from The New York Times, which published one of their 36 hour travel stories about The Magic City. Another comes from the mind of one of our friends in the Windy City (and editor of Gapers Block), Andrew Huff, one that will probably not get as much attention locally. He contributes to Starwood Hotel’s preferred guest program’s blog, The Lobby, and recently took a look at The Hip Side of Birmingham, AL with a quick mention of their newest Aloft property adjacent to Homewood’s SoHo Square.

Anyone else know of some other online media mentions?

Birmingham talks about race in the NYT

Race seems to have captured the nation’s (and the world’s) attention recently. Our own Bob Farley recently shot some photos as part of a piece that is currently on The New York Times‘ website entitled, “Talk About Race? Relax, It’s O.K.“. His photo of Christophe Jackson, a Ph.D. candidate at UAB, was used for it and you can see it if you visit the site (and get by the registration if you need to).

I was interviewed by a member of France 24‘s team for a story that will run sometime in the near future. We’ll let you know when it’s up. Is the conversation getting easier?

If you didn’t think Larry was serious…

Readers of The New York Times in the Big Apple woke up on this last morning of the Summer Olympics in Beijing to this overview of Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford’s wanting to bid for the 2020 Olympics (NOTE: registration required to view the full article). Granted, it was on page A17 of the New York edition, but it IS the Sunday New York Times, so folks are going to see it while they’re drinking their coffee and getting ready for the first round of the U.S. Open.

It’s all there, the pros, the cons and a comment or two towards the end that resembles the crux of what I wrote about it back when it was first announced in June.

Photo credit: Bob Farley/f8Photo

Local student takes the Times to task

Alec Niedenthal - Facebook profile image A recent book review in the New York Times was taken to task by 17 year old Birmingham resident Alec Niedenthal.

The Syntax of Things blog has a synopsis of the situation and links to the original letter published in the June 1 edition of the paper and a subsequent interview of the young man by the New York Observer.

It definitely does make you smile…