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Mayorpalooza continues through Friday

BellvCooper Bob Farley/f8PhotoIt had to seem just a little too quiet – but now we’re seeing the sprint begin in the race that is Birmingham’s special election for a new mayor next Tuesday, January 19.

We’ve already seen a debate on Sunday (the Birmingham Business Alliance is still working on uploading the video from that event but the audio is now up ) and last night (which we live blogged). The candidates are still scheduled to appear on Fox 6 tomorrow evening at 9 p.m. and in succession as part of a special On The Line at 12 p.m. (William Bell) and 1 p.m. (Patrick Cooper) Friday on WBHM 90.3 FM.

We’ve even put up some audio from the last time the candidates ran for mayor. It seems like only two years ago… oh wait, it was. But at least it’s almost over (we think).

Photos: Bob Farley/f8Photo

UPDATE Election 09: The Bell been rung

Bell for mayor sign 2009

UPDATE: We’ve just received a press release confirming that Bell will announce his candidacy Thursday morning at 10 a.m. in Linn Park, the same time that Scott Douglas will be announcing his in Kelly Ingram Park.

While we’ve heard rumors about a possible run for mayor by former Birmingham City Councilor and current Jefferson County Commissioner William Bell, this sign is the first one that we’ve seen up around town (in the city’s Norwood neighborhood across the street from Cosmo’s). Well that and his website’s already up though still under construction after telling The Birmingham News that he was considering a run last week.

There are already several folks who’ve thrown their hat in the ring.

Additional signs announcing his campaign were seen along Greensprings Avenue this evening.

Photo: André Natta/bhamterminal.com

The line forms for District 5

Those residents that live in Birmingham City Council District 5 learned two things yesterday (well, maybe – depending on who they were listening to) – William Bell was no longer their representative and someone was going to be picked for them by December. According to the Birmingham News, the list of folks that want the job (even if only for one year before having to run for re-election with the rest of the council) is already quite long – and it’s bound to get even longer before it’s all said and done. It already includes the former councilor and several others that have previously tried for the position.

Want to throw your hat in the ring too? As long as you’re over 18, registered to vote and currently live in District 5, you’ve got a chance – but applications are due in on Wednesday.

It’s Commissioner Bell now… well, almost

William Bell is one state Supreme Court ruling away from being the certified as the winner of the February 5 special election to fill the Jefferson County Commission seat that was vacated after the election of Larry Langford as mayor of Birmingham last year. The Birmingham News reports that Circuit Court Judge Scott Vowell has ruled in Bell’s favor. The commissioner-elect has scheduled an 11 a.m. news conference in City Hall.

Soothing banks through music

JeffCoCrap.com screenshotOne resident thinks that music and bumper stickers will help ease the Jefferson County sewer debt, though in a completely different way than Birmingham city councilor William Bell’s proposal or one suggested by Jefferson County Commission president Bettye Fine Collins. This proposal calls for visitors to jeffcocrap.com to purchase bumper stickers, t-shirts and similar items, with a portion of the proceeds going to cover the principal of the county’s mounting debt. You can also check out the Jefferson County Sewer Flush over on YouTube.

We still have a feeling that it would take a long time for the money to pile up.

Bishop Woods calls for vote certification

William Bell and SCLC President Bishop Calvin Woods on the Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd. side of the Jefferson County Courthouse today as Woods calls for the certification of the Feb. 5 special election for Jefferson County Commission District 1 seat. Andre Natta/The Terminal

This afternoon SCLC president Bishop Calvin Woods, elected officials and concerned citizens stood out in front of the Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd entrance to the Jefferson County Courthouse to ask that the election results from the February 5 special election for the Jefferson County Commission District 1 seat be certified. During his remarks, Bishop Woods suggested that the people who filed the motion to hold another election did not in fact live in District 1 but in District 4. There were other comments made, but you probably want to hear them for yourself (13:43):


William Bell to address county financial crisis

If you’ve got some time in about 10 minutes, Birmingham city councilor William Bell will be holding a news conference on the Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd. side of the Jefferson County Courthouse downtown to “discuss the current financial state of the Jefferson County Commission as well as the current status of the unseated and disputed District 1 Jefferson County Commission Election.”

SCLC President Bishop Calvin Woods will be joining Bell, who won the special election called to fill the vacancy left by the election of former Jefferson County Commissioner Larry Langford as mayor of the city of Birmingham.