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Johnathan Austin appointed to City Council

The newest face among Birmingham City leadership is now its youngest. A majority of City Councilors voted to appoint 29-year-old Johnathan F. Austin to fill the vacant District 5 seat of William Bell.

Vickii Howell of Birmingham View describes it as “an Obama-like moment when the community organizer and relative political newcomer was chosen from among four other better-known candidates, sworn in and seated within an hour of Tuesday’s vote by Councilors Valerie Abbott, Carol Duncan, Joel Montgomery and President Carole Smitherman.”

She reported that Steven Hoyt and Miriam Witherspoon voted no and Roderick Royal abstained.

You can read more of Vickii’s account of this morning’s events on Birmingham’s View’s News Portal as well as the Birmingham News’ breaking news blog.

The line forms for District 5

Those residents that live in Birmingham City Council District 5 learned two things yesterday (well, maybe – depending on who they were listening to) – William Bell was no longer their representative and someone was going to be picked for them by December. According to the Birmingham News, the list of folks that want the job (even if only for one year before having to run for re-election with the rest of the council) is already quite long – and it’s bound to get even longer before it’s all said and done. It already includes the former councilor and several others that have previously tried for the position.

Want to throw your hat in the ring too? As long as you’re over 18, registered to vote and currently live in District 5, you’ve got a chance – but applications are due in on Wednesday.