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Gen. Charles Krulak named new BSC president

Gen. Charles Krulak. Courtesy of Birmingham-Southern CollegeThe board of trustees at Birmingham-Southern College (BSC) unanimously approved the selection of Gen. Charles “Chuck” A. Krulak as its thirteen president earlier this morning. According to BSC he will assume the duties of president effective June 1 though he will be available as his schedule allows before then.

A press conference called for 12 p.m. Monday afternoon and was live streamed. was scheduled to be live streamed and can be viewed via the college’s website.

The 69 year old Quantico, VA native has requested that he not receive a salary for the first twelve months of employment. Gen. Krulak served as the 31st commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps; he has also worked as chairman and CEO of MBNA Europe Bank and vice chairman and chief administrative officer for MBNA American Bank, N.A. He currently serves on

Krulak was presented with the National Veterans Award at the 63rd National Veterans Day celebration here in Birmingham last November, giving him his first opportunity to visit the college. The Birmingham News reported on Krulak’s visit to BSC to interview for the position two weeks ago, with Kyle Whitmire posting yesterday that Krulak may be offered the position today on Second Front.

UPDATE: 12:35 p.m.the official BSC press release about the announcement is now available to view on their website.

Photo: Gen. Charles Krulak. Courtesy of BSC

Hiers named to Presidential Advisory Council on AIDS/HIV

Kathie Hiers. Courtesy of Facebook profileLast week President Obama reopened the Office of National AIDS Policy and made new appointments to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA). Among the 24 individuals selected to serve on the council is Kathie Hiers, CEO of AIDS Alabama, a recognized leader and expert nationwide in the HIV/AIDS arena. PACHA is tasked with creating a national HIV/AIDS strategy.

Decisions made by PACHA will be recommended to the President through the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  According to the press release that was posted via Facebook earlier today, Hiers is in pretty good company as folks normally selected to serve on PACHA are considered “significant community leaders with in-depth knowledge in HIV/AIDS, public health, global health, or business and may also include other highly regarded national figures.”

Photo: Courtesy of announcement on Facebook.

The line forms for District 5

Those residents that live in Birmingham City Council District 5 learned two things yesterday (well, maybe – depending on who they were listening to) – William Bell was no longer their representative and someone was going to be picked for them by December. According to the Birmingham News, the list of folks that want the job (even if only for one year before having to run for re-election with the rest of the council) is already quite long – and it’s bound to get even longer before it’s all said and done. It already includes the former councilor and several others that have previously tried for the position.

Want to throw your hat in the ring too? As long as you’re over 18, registered to vote and currently live in District 5, you’ve got a chance – but applications are due in on Wednesday.