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Columbus, MS is proud of Alana

When Alana Edwards recently defeated two-term incumbent Odessa Ashley in the Birmingham City School Board District 7 runoff last week, she became the youngest person elected to serve on that board.

The niece of Columbus, Mississippi’s first African American city councilman, Edwards’ hometown paper, The Commercial Dispatch, filed this brief in today’s newspaper – a user-submitted brief we might add.

People are talking about laptops today…

… and it’s definitely a mix of opinions across cyberspace. It appears that even though the story broke several months ago, mainstream national media is just now beginning to report about the pending arrival of our school system’s XO laptop computers and it’s getting really interesting.

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The other guys cover the Mims situation

First of all, here’s a link to the report that everyone’s been talking about surrounding the city of Birmingham’s school system.

Now let’s take a look at how the local media’s been covering this story since it broke yesterday…

Throughout most of last night’s coverage, outlets stressed Mims’ acceptance of responsibility for the existence of two reports. Perhaps the best example of this is in NBC 13’s coverage. They were also able to provide the opinion of the state superintendent, who was in town for the proceedings.

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