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… and it’s definitely a mix of opinions across cyberspace. It appears that even though the story broke several months ago, mainstream national media is just now beginning to report about the pending arrival of our school system’s XO laptop computers and it’s getting really interesting.

The folks at Moving at the Speed of Creativity talks of the need for this program to be a success, for many reasons, most notably to be an example of what can be done nationally in terms of bridging the “digital divide” that exists.

Jeff Taylor posted an interesting assessment of the situation over on The Meck Deck (located in Charlotte, NC). Register Hardware says that we’re claiming third world status for the state while in a related piece, Business Week talks about some of the issues that the organization responsible for our systems is facing as well as one of the (cheaper) alternatives available.

Population Statistic also seems to have some reservations about the issues facing the school system and the city as the program is rolled out. You’ve also got to remember that we’ve already received some grief as a result of Gadgetell’s post in January about the logistics of the program.

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