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A city dangerous for pedestrians + ranked among least fit?

ThinkingThere may be a correlation between two reports released in recent weeks looking at Birmingham, AL and our metro area’s level of fitness.

Last week The Atlantic published a piece by Richard Florida, one of their senior editors best known for his book The Rise of the Creative Class (affiliate link) and the accompanying website. It focused on the results of this year’s American College of Sports Medicine‘s American Fitness Index, an index that included Birmingham, AL.

The report points out that metro Birmingham, although ranking 47th out of 50 areas examined in this study, contains more farmers markets and more park units per capita than the other cities though most of it sits outside of the urban areas.

The folks over at the Living Streets Alliance pointed out the striking correlation between those cities with high percentages of commuting to work by bike and those cities that were among considered the most fit in the index. The results of a report referenced recently by The Birmingham News could also be looked at as a reason for our metro area’s fitness ranking – it lists the Birmingham-Hoover metro area as the 16th most dangerous for pedestrians in the country (with 136 between 2000-2009).

It’s not like metro Birmingham hasn’t started trying to address the issues including Railroad Park’s “Get Healthy on the Railroad” and the Our One Mile initiatives.

Photo: Thinking. Max Wolfe/Flickr.

Downtown’s former Protective Life building empties

Protective Life BuildingWe’ve heard from several sources that the former home to Protective Life and the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce among others was in the process of being vacated this month. There has been no explanation as to why all of the tenants of the building have been asked to leave. Those of you that have followed The Terminal during the last almost two years know that our first anniversary celebration was held on the top floor of the building on March 14 last year.

We’ll see if we can learn any additional information and update this post accordingly. We’ll also see if we can’t fill you in on where our second anniversary celebration will be taking place next month in the near future.

Photo: bhamterminal.com

The other guys cover the Mims situation

First of all, here’s a link to the report that everyone’s been talking about surrounding the city of Birmingham’s school system.

Now let’s take a look at how the local media’s been covering this story since it broke yesterday…

Throughout most of last night’s coverage, outlets stressed Mims’ acceptance of responsibility for the existence of two reports. Perhaps the best example of this is in NBC 13’s coverage. They were also able to provide the opinion of the state superintendent, who was in town for the proceedings.

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