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A city dangerous for pedestrians + ranked among least fit?

ThinkingThere may be a correlation between two reports released in recent weeks looking at Birmingham, AL and our metro area’s level of fitness.

Last week The Atlantic published a piece by Richard Florida, one of their senior editors best known for his book The Rise of the Creative Class (affiliate link) and the accompanying website. It focused on the results of this year’s American College of Sports Medicine‘s American Fitness Index, an index that included Birmingham, AL.

The report points out that metro Birmingham, although ranking 47th out of 50 areas examined in this study, contains more farmers markets and more park units per capita than the other cities though most of it sits outside of the urban areas.

The folks over at the Living Streets Alliance pointed out the striking correlation between those cities with high percentages of commuting to work by bike and those cities that were among considered the most fit in the index. The results of a report referenced recently by The Birmingham News could also be looked at as a reason for our metro area’s fitness ranking – it lists the Birmingham-Hoover metro area as the 16th most dangerous for pedestrians in the country (with 136 between 2000-2009).

It’s not like metro Birmingham hasn’t started trying to address the issues including Railroad Park’s “Get Healthy on the Railroad” and the Our One Mile initiatives.

Photo: Thinking. Max Wolfe/Flickr.

Southwest’s slip could be Birmingham’s gain

Southwest Airlines logo. Courtesy of official website.A report released earlier this week could give loyal customers of low-cost airline Southwest Airlines here in Birmingham, AL a reason to hope, though it could still be a long shot.

The latest U.S. Department of Transportation Air Travel Consumer Report shows that Southwest has dropped to eighth place for on-time arrival performance, its lowest finish since the government began to collect the information in 1987 (see page 6 for the rankings).

A couple of weeks ago WBHM’s Andrew Yeager filed a piece about what the planned acquisition of AirTran by the Dallas-based airline may mean for The Magic City.

Considering that several reports about the results suggest the airline’s expansion into larger airports is a major reason for the drop, it gives more credence to the idea that shifting flights from the major hub in Atlanta to Birmingham might help them regain their on-time bragging badge of honor over the long term.

Time will tell…

Image: Southwest Airlines logo. Courtesy of official website.

No fake mustaches in church? Really?

A Fake Moustache Warning. bovinity/FlickrThe fact that Birmingham, AL ranked as the country’s 30th craziest city in a recent list shouldn’t be what throws you for a loop. It should be the ability to be reminded about just how crazy some of the laws on the books in the state of Alabama are.

Among them, the fact that it’s illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes folks to laugh at church. Really…

So where is the weirdest city in the U.S. according to the list created by The Daily Beast based on the number of psychiatrists per capita, stress levels, eccentricity and drinking levels (our numbers are 9, 31, 36 and 38 respectively)? Cincinnati, OH.

Check out the full list of crazy cities on The Daily Beast’s website. Of course, you can always sign a virtual petition to change the law

Photo: A Fake Moustache Warning. bovinity/Flickr

Birmingham drops down in “dangerous” list

While Birmingham still resides among the top ten most dangerous cities rankings compiled by CQ Press, it has moved down the list. After spending two years at #6, Alabama’s largest city dropped two spaces to #8. The annual list is quite controversial to the point where even the folks who provide the data on which the results are based, the FBI, don’t necessarily agree with it – take a look at how the St. Louis Post-Dispatch covers it for instance (they finished 4th BTW).