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Southwest’s slip could be Birmingham’s gain

Southwest Airlines logo. Courtesy of official website.A report released earlier this week could give loyal customers of low-cost airline Southwest Airlines here in Birmingham, AL a reason to hope, though it could still be a long shot.

The latest U.S. Department of Transportation Air Travel Consumer Report shows that Southwest has dropped to eighth place for on-time arrival performance, its lowest finish since the government began to collect the information in 1987 (see page 6 for the rankings).

A couple of weeks ago WBHM’s Andrew Yeager filed a piece about what the planned acquisition of AirTran by the Dallas-based airline may mean for The Magic City.

Considering that several reports about the results suggest the airline’s expansion into larger airports is a major reason for the drop, it gives more credence to the idea that shifting flights from the major hub in Atlanta to Birmingham might help them regain their on-time bragging badge of honor over the long term.

Time will tell…

Image: Southwest Airlines logo. Courtesy of official website.

No more Super 6 in Birmingham

super_six_logoFootball is more than a pastime in Alabama, and the crowds that gather at the annual Super 6 state football championships here in Birmingham at Legion Field represent that status more than anything else. Make that used to represent…

This afternoon CBS 42 broke the news that the championships would no longer be played in The Magic City and instead alternate between Tuscaloosa and Auburn, just like the Iron Bowl decided before it.

What does it mean to our local economy? Representatives from Birmingham’s Convention and Visitors Bureau told Chris Pollone of NBC 13 that they think it could cost the region more than $4 million.

We do get to keep the state basketball championships, but some are already arguing that a multipurpose facility’s time has finally come.