No fake mustaches in church? Really?

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A Fake Moustache Warning. bovinity/FlickrThe fact that Birmingham, AL ranked as the country’s 30th craziest city in a recent list shouldn’t be what throws you for a loop. It should be the ability to be reminded about just how crazy some of the laws on the books in the state of Alabama are.

Among them, the fact that it’s illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes folks to laugh at church. Really…

So where is the weirdest city in the U.S. according to the list created by The Daily Beast based on the number of psychiatrists per capita, stress levels, eccentricity and drinking levels (our numbers are 9, 31, 36 and 38 respectively)? Cincinnati, OH.

Check out the full list of crazy cities on The Daily Beast’s website. Of course, you can always sign a virtual petition to change the law

Photo: A Fake Moustache Warning. bovinity/Flickr

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