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First of all, here’s a link to the report that everyone’s been talking about surrounding the city of Birmingham’s school system.

Now let’s take a look at how the local media’s been covering this story since it broke yesterday…

Throughout most of last night’s coverage, outlets stressed Mims’ acceptance of responsibility for the existence of two reports. Perhaps the best example of this is in NBC 13’s coverage. They were also able to provide the opinion of the state superintendent, who was in town for the proceedings.

CBS 42 was able to collect the most feedback from school board members, including an apparently frustrated Virginia Volker.

ABC 33/40 decided to focus on Mims’ statement that he was told to remove the data from the report. They also win for the best attempt to not mention The Birmingham News by name in the article, though they do acknowledge it was the paper’s front page story that led to yesterday’s decisions. Today’s paper contains a report outlining what the next steps are and how the relationship with the Council of Great City Schools is attempting to be salvaged.

Fox 6 decided to interview board member April Williams on this morning’s Good Day Alabama, though the interview was not yet available on their site. They did post this story last night which includes quotes from the school board’s vice president.

So of course we’ve got to ask, what do you think about what’s happening and what’s about to happen next?

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