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Follow-up: Johnny Ray’s president joins the conversation

We’ve seen a great deal of traffic over the last few days with regard to our post about the future of Johnny Ray’s. We’re hoping that some of you have had a chance to read the comments. If not, you’ve missed out on something…

One person who we were happy to see respond to the comments was Alton Shields, the President and Managing Director of the Johnny Ray Cos, who was able to quiet rumors that the chain was closing.

We just wanted to take a moment and suggest that folks check out his comments and all of the other comments to all of the other posts on the site whenever and wherever they’re made.

Thanks those that do add their voices to this conversation.

Fire + Ice joins Birmingham’s restaurant scene

The scene inside Fire + Ice on March 22, 2008 during a special invitation only sneak peek.

Bob Farley/f8photo

Those that visit Five Points South may notice a new occupant in the space that formerly housed a Gap and Seaside, FL based-Quincy Art Shop.

Fire + Ice Improvisational Grill officially opened yesterday afternoon after inviting some folks to try out their newest location (and first in the Southeastern U.S.) on Saturday evening. Additional locations are planned for Dubai and Panama later this year.

Guests were treated to a sneak peek event of what the restaurant has to offer. We could write about the place, the lively atmosphere and the food, but we figured why not just share some images taken by Bob Farley at the event.

We also wouldn’t mind a comment or two from folks that have already tried it out to let us know what you think…

People are talking about laptops today…

… and it’s definitely a mix of opinions across cyberspace. It appears that even though the story broke several months ago, mainstream national media is just now beginning to report about the pending arrival of our school system’s XO laptop computers and it’s getting really interesting.

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