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Let Odetta hear from us here in Birmingham

Last week we let you know about the current health crisis of legendary singer/songwriter (and Birmingham, AL native) Odetta Gordon.

The Daily Kos picks up the story on Saturday with a new address and word that she’s expected to remain at Lenox Hill Hospital through the end of the week. The address for those interested in sending her well wishes (or dropping by if you’re in New York for the holidays) is after the jump:

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The First 100: The other guys cover the mayor’s first State of the City address

UPDATE: 1.17.2008; You may also find an audio file (available in WMA format, 22.5 MB) of the mayor’s speech on the city’s website.

Everyone seems to be taking away something different from yesterday’s first State of the City address presented by Birmingham mayor Larry Langford. For those that want to know what he actually said, you’ll want to go to CBS 42’s website (get to their local news section) scroll through their online videos and click on the link to the full 30-minute speech. (Yes, it’s there; we actually have a copy of that coverage, but it’s their video, so check it out if you’ve got time). Then take a look at the following links to see how the mainstream did with their coverage.

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