The First 100: The other guys cover the mayor’s first State of the City address

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UPDATE: 1.17.2008; You may also find an audio file (available in WMA format, 22.5 MB) of the mayor’s speech on the city’s website.

Everyone seems to be taking away something different from yesterday’s first State of the City address presented by Birmingham mayor Larry Langford. For those that want to know what he actually said, you’ll want to go to CBS 42’s website (get to their local news section) scroll through their online videos and click on the link to the full 30-minute speech. (Yes, it’s there; we actually have a copy of that coverage, but it’s their video, so check it out if you’ve got time). Then take a look at the following links to see how the mainstream did with their coverage.

Birmingham Weekly’s Mixed Media took a look at the mayor’s comments involving the construction of a “dome” here in town. The folks at Fox 6 focused on the mayor’s promise to put 50 police officers on the street to combat crime while speaking out against the rash of homicides that occurred at the beginning of the month. Those at NBC 13 also used the crime initiative as the focus of their coverage while looking at the economic development initiatives covered, as did the Birmingham Business Journal’s coverage. They chose to talk about the mayor’s planned meeting with Bo Jackson on Friday. The Birmingham News provided a general overview of the speech, including quotes from attendees, while focusing initially on the plan to fill vacancies at the Birmingham Police Department.

So after all of this coverage, what do you think of the state of the city?

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