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Got plans this weekend? 9.26 – 9.28

While the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival is the big deal this weekend, there are some other options. Really! Would I lie to you? Never … at least not intentionally .. well, maybe if you ask “do I look fat in this?”

Did you hear the news that the Alabama State Fair moved from the Fairgrounds to Pelham and the former Oak Mountain Amphitheatre*? Afraid you already missed all the rides and cotton candy and pig races? Not to fear, the fair is open until Sunday. Now it’s not cheap — tickets are $8, wristbands for the rides are $20 (but hey, every day is wristband day) and then add on another $5 for parking. But the fair only comes once a year and where else are you going to buy overpriced caramel apples? Go ahead and buy two, I’m not judging. And you look great in those jeans. Pass me the funnel cake.

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Got plans this weekend? 9.19 – 9.21

Hi folks! I’m still haven’t decided what all the family will be doing this weekend. But here are some of the possibilities:

Want to have a hand in wine making? How about a foot? The annual Grapestomp is Saturday at Morgan Creek Vineyards from 10 to 4. There will be music, food, and of course, wine tastings and tours all day. You can even leave with your own footprint poster. Cost is $5. Dress like Lucy for the look-a-like contest at 2 for a chance at a cash prize.

Considering I have one car fanatic in the house and another household member who points out every plane that passes overhead, it is a good guess that I’ll be at the Bessemer Airport this weekend. That’s where the Birmingham Aero Club is hosting its 75th Anniversary Wings and Wheels 2008 Air Show and Car Show both Saturday and Sunday. Gates open at 10:00 a.m. each day and the show begins at 2. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for kids 12 to 6, and under 6 free. Follow this link to the show’s FAQ page to find out what you can and cannot bring and the answer to the question, “Can you fly your airplane to the show?”

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Got plans this weekend? 9.12 – 9.14

Last week, I had a theme for the weekend. This week, the only thing these events have in common is that I find them halfway interesting. Maybe you will too.

If you regret not taking Basket Weaving 101 in college, then lucky you because life is full of second chances. For 15 bucks, you can learn to make an open weave basket from wisteria vine at Aldridge Botanical Gardens this Saturday at 2. I’m thinking perfect Christmas present for my hard-to-shop-for mother-in-law. The gardens are located at 3530 Lorna Road in Hoover. Nice lake and walking trail, worth a visit anytime.

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Got plans this weekend? 9.5 – 9.7

Yep, I’m out of sports cliches. So without any further witty banter, I’m just going to get on with it …

Friday, if you work downtown, stay downtown. If you don’t work downtown, forget the commute home and point your car downtown. It’s time for Artwalk, probably the third biggest event for downtown following Sidewalk and Magic City Art Connection. I used to live downtown so I really enjoyed seeing all the art in the lofts and office spaces right outside my door. They kind of design Friday night for the hip crowd with lots of music and folks looking cool. THE2NDHAND people take the stage at 7:30 p.m. with some strong readings. Saturday is the day to bring the kids as there is a special area just for them behind Space One Eleven. I like people watching on Saturdays because you can easily spot the folks that hardly ever come downtown. So the hours are Friday 5-10 p.m. and Saturday noon to 6 p.m. I would like to point out that our very own Terminal contributor Charles Buchanan will be somewhere on 1st Avenue North. Be sure to say hi. And wear your Terminal Tee if you have one. Don’t have one? We can fix that. Continue reading

Got plans this weekend? 8.29 – 8.31

Photo: IM000149. djxspike/Flickr.

The theme for this weekend is to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. That’s after we spent last weekend with Fay and before Gustav brings us more rain. And it’s Labor Day weekend, the last party of summer before we put away the white shoes and get out the sweaters. So grab your sunglasses, slather on the sunscreen and keep reading.

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Got plans this weekend? 8.22 – 8.24

New for this week. In the comments, please tell me A. what you doing this weekend and B. what you already have on your calendar for September. Just curious … now on with the dispensing of free weekend advice.

The big deal this weekend is going to be out at Sloss Furances. It’s the fourth annual Strokin’ the Fire BBQ
and (newly named) Music Festival
. If you like BBQ, you’ve already got your tickets. This is not your average backyard grilling (though there is an amateur competition); This is professionals who take their pork very, very seriously. And yes, there will be BBQ to eat and fun stuff for the kiddos. And while there has been music in the past, apparently the music is taking more of a center stage this year, hence the new “Music Festival” name. Headliners are Todd Snider and The Whigs. Day passes are $15 so you might as well pony up another $10 and get the weekend pass. Children (5-12) are $5 a day or $8 for the weekend. Under 5, free. Don’t forget parking, that’s another $3. Competition kicks off Friday at 4 p.m. with the entertainment beginning at 5. Saturday gates open at 11 a.m. Both nights, festival over at 11. I think that’s all the details I can possible give you for this event except to mention that Sloss can be located at 20 32nd St. North. But really, didn’t you already know that?

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Got plans this weekend? 8.15 – 8.17

Details, here are the details.

Tonight is the last Art on the Rocks for the 2008 season. Your $20 gets you live music by Stoll Vaughan, food, art activities and there’s free parking in the deck on the corner of 8th Avenue North and Richard Arrington. Check out a video clip from our AOTR preview post to hear how he sounds. The Birmingham Museum of Art event is scheduled for 5-10 p.m. Buy tickets online or call 328-7628.

After you stroll around the BMA, head over to Workplay for the annual Birmingham Chicks Rockfest. And that’s exactly what it is … chicks who rock. Taking the stage are Kip Taylor, The Rowbuxx, Chrys Black, Kathyrn Delacruz, Peanut & Mother May I, Ava Garland and Something N Between. That’s a lot of music yet tickets are just $15.

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Got plans this weekend? 8.8 – 8.10

Hmmm … what to do, what to do? It’s still hot as heck outside, so I don’t really want to leave the house. On the other hand, I sure do love me a gigantic yard sale. Decisions, decisions …

Actually, this is a pretty easy decision for me. I do like driving the World’s Longest Yard Sale. And me and the hubby have found some goodies in the past. But some of the shopping/driving can be stop and go. Add in a toddler + heat and the logistic problems multiply. So go and discover your own treasures through Sunday. Take lots of small bills and water. And if you see the first issue of “Martha Stewart Living” in perfect condition, I’ll pay you back.

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Got plans this weekend? 8.1 – 8.3

To be honest, I don’t have much for you this weekend. Rightly so, the smart folk have left August alone to let us all stay in the pool or house, wearing as little clothing as allowed. And there is still a little time to head to the beach before school starts. If you are headed to school yourself, or have young’uns who are, then you may enjoy this weekend’s tax-free event to stock up on the needed supplies. Bookbags, clothes, computers all qualify – here are the offical rules. I suggest if you hate shopping, then stay the heck away from any big-box store near you.

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Got plans this weekend? 7.25 – 7.27

Again, it’s the last weekend of the month and I’m left wondering, where does the year go? Heck, after chasing a two-year-old around, I wonder where my day went. I know at least one hour was spent watching “Blue’s Clues,” five hours was spent “going potty” and the rest, who knows … but I do know that everybody’s working for the weekend. So come on baby let’s go … (name the band in the comments section and you’ll get a gold star).

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