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Helicopter mysteriously hovers over The Summit

A helicopter was seen and heard hovering less than 100 feet above Joe Muggs and The Cheesecake Factory’s patio around 12 p.m. Saturday afternoon. It stayed overhead for about 15 minutes and changed directions a few times. This seemed to cause some distraction and confusion on Summit Blvd. (the main road through the Summit) and started blowing a slight wind and dust on the patios for Joe Muggs, California Pizza Kitchen and The Cheescake Factory.

It could be assumed that it was a news crew or photographer getting footage of The Summit’s new phase 6 construction.

If anyone has any info on the mystery chopper, leave us a comment below.

Random Shots: A bird’s eye view

A bird's eye view Bob Farley/f8PhotoAs a photographer I’m always trying to find a different vantage point, looking for a new angle on a common subject. I recently had the opportunity to make some photographs from the unique view a helicopter provides.

From my view high above the city, I could see how physically close Birmingham’s industrial past and its more white collar present are to each other. Minutes by car and seconds by helicopter I could go from the corporate world of downtown to the heavy industry on its borders. Click on the image to the left (or here) to view some of the shots taken; otherwise, keep reading after the jump…

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Children’s Hospital gets new helicopter

New Children’s Hospital helicopter - Bob Farley

Photo credit: Bob Farley/Children’s Hospital 

Children’s Hospital unveiled its new helicopter to the public today via a story in today’s Birmingham News. We figured you might be interested in getting an up close and personal look at the new pediatric transport chopper, so we invite you to click on the image above (or just click here) and check out our photo gallery of this new extremely useful tool for the hospital.

FYI – this is also the debut of our new photo gallery section (appropriately titled the gallery) here on The Terminal. We figured you may want to know a couple of things about that really weird slideshow function that we’re using.

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