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U.S. Pipe plant to close in North Birmingham

U.S. Pipe logoThis morning’s started with the announcement from parent company Mueller Water Products that U.S. Pipe will be closing its ductile iron pipe manufacturing plant in Birmingham’s North Birmingham community. The construction of a new facility in Bessemer which uses a new process that increased output and reduced production costs helped lead to this decision.

According to the press release, 260 positions will be eliminated by March 31 of this year helping the company see $6-8 million in savings during fiscal 2010. The production handled by the North Birmingham plant will be shifted to the company’s Bessemer plant as well as a plant in Union City, CA.

Random Shots: A bird’s eye view

A bird's eye view Bob Farley/f8PhotoAs a photographer I’m always trying to find a different vantage point, looking for a new angle on a common subject. I recently had the opportunity to make some photographs from the unique view a helicopter provides.

From my view high above the city, I could see how physically close Birmingham’s industrial past and its more white collar present are to each other. Minutes by car and seconds by helicopter I could go from the corporate world of downtown to the heavy industry on its borders. Click on the image to the left (or here) to view some of the shots taken; otherwise, keep reading after the jump…

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