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UPDATED: Trader Joe’s arrives in Birmingham in late 2015

UPDATE: 9/17/2014As suggested in the second paragraph below, this afternoon the Birmingham Business Journal has confirmed the space Trader Joe’s will occupy is the current Banana Republic location.

trader-joesMembers of the “Bring Trader Joe’s to Birmingham” fan page on Facebook, rejoice! Trader Joe’s has announced their intention to open at The Summit during the second half of 2015, according to reports from AL.com and ABC 33/40 this morning. Both cite a release from the Monrovia, California-based company, notoriously tight-lipped about proposed locations until absolutely necessary, saying the 12,600 square foot store will be at 209 Summit Boulevard – the development’s southern portion.

The address suggests there will be other announcements in the coming days about new construction or the relocation and/or closing of stores (though the AL.com version of the story has been updated with the exact address being removed) as there is no vacancy currently in that portion of the lifestyle center.

A search of the city’s permitting database in late February and early March suggested a new project was coming to the popular lifestyle center. The location is more central to the metro area than people realize (and still within Birmingham’s city limits — as are the Nordstrom Rack and Target locations in Shelby County). The announcement also does not contradict a statement made back in 2011 — and comments made by the store’s founder at that time. The store’s size and announced location follow a trend first examined in 2011 by the Los Angeles Times — one seen as a way to capture more revenue. It will be the first full-service grocer at The Summit since Bruno’s closed in May 2009 following its parent company’s bankruptcy filing.

A representative for the chain informed the Birmingham Business Journal as recently as March that the market was not on the radar. This was shortly after an anonymous tip sent to this website led to attempts to reach out to both Trader Joe’s and Bayer Properties this spring. No response was received.

Huntsville was optimistic about its chances of landing a Trader Joe’s (as evidenced by this Reddit thread), but today’s announcement came with a statement similar to that one about Birmingham in 2011. It may only be a matter of time then, Rocket City…

Helicopter mysteriously hovers over The Summit

A helicopter was seen and heard hovering less than 100 feet above Joe Muggs and The Cheesecake Factory’s patio around 12 p.m. Saturday afternoon. It stayed overhead for about 15 minutes and changed directions a few times. This seemed to cause some distraction and confusion on Summit Blvd. (the main road through the Summit) and started blowing a slight wind and dust on the patios for Joe Muggs, California Pizza Kitchen and The Cheescake Factory.

It could be assumed that it was a news crew or photographer getting footage of The Summit’s new phase 6 construction.

If anyone has any info on the mystery chopper, leave us a comment below.

What’s coming to The Summit this fall?

Summit Phase 5 constructionAccording to a recent Bayer Properties press release (and last week’s BBJ) southeastern Birmingham’s The Summit will be opening their new Class A office space and retail stores this fall, completing phase 6 of the now more than 1 million square foot multi-use/retail development.  Construction began last July and will finish up sometime this fall, (probably before Thanksgiving according to rumors).

The new phase of construction will include 50,000 square feet of specialty retail shops including:

Juicy Couture
James Avery Jewelry
Brighton Collectibles
Gloss Denim Bar

    The accounting firm Sellers, Richardson, Holman & West, LLP will be moving into the 35,000 square feet of office space that is being constructed along with a covered parking deck with direct access to the office building and a courtyard, arbor and open air balconies with a view of the Highway 280 landscape.

    Stay tuned for more store opening dates as they are made available to us.

    Belk celebrated a new beginning Friday


    Friday morning saw a line of more than 250 people waiting to get their first look at the completed renovation and expansion of the Belk department store located at The Summit along U.S. 280 into one of the company’s flagship locations. Early morning shoppers were also able to watch as representatives from the Birmingham chapter of the American Heart Association‘s Heart Guild received a check from the Belk Foundation (and company president Johnny Belk) for $5,000.

    The back of the iPhone line at 6:15 a.m.

    iPhone 3G line at The Summit, Birmingham, AL - acnatta/Flickr

    iPhone line at The Summit. acnatta/Flickr.

    Do we really need to say any more? This is the line at The Summit at around 6:15 this morning.

    By the time you see this, AL.com should have already hit the area and prepared some video for later on. Fox 6 was already there when I pulled up. And I have a feeling there will be a few folks that will blame Highway 280 traffic for being late to work today while secretly waiting for the new Apple iPhone 3G. Just saying…