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BigBham lends a hand to Jimmie Hale Mission this holiday

Jimmie Hale Mission logoBigBham, a Birmingham, AL-based website and e-mail marketing company associated with BirminghamMenus.com, has found a way to spread the holiday spirit. They are asking their more than 15,000 subscribers to their emails to donate to the Jimmie Hale Mission.

The ask started on December 20 and will continue through tomorrow (Thursday) evening. BigBham owner Nate Schmidt has been quoted by news outlets about the project about how it came to be:

“We called the Jimmie Hale Mission and asked if they would let us run a ‘deal in reverse’, instead of getting an amazing deal this week, people can give one.”

The site kicked it off by purchasing 100 meals themselves. So far more than 1,500 meals have been purchased with 100% of all proceeds going to the nonprofit.

You’ve got until Thursday. Don’t forget you can give to Jimmie Hale Mission all year long.

Langford to host town hall meetings

There are actually two stories that are taking place at the same time. First of all is the fact that The City of Birmingham’s Office of Public Information is on Facebook. The group is the latest move by the city to reach out to residents online.

Larry LangfordNow onto the reason for the post – Mayor Larry Langford is hosting a series of town hall meetings throughout the city. The first one, called “Why Birmingham Can’t Wait,” will take place on Thursday evening at Boutwell Auditorium beginning at 6 p.m. Additional ones will be held at area churches in the coming weeks, providing residents with the opportunity to ask the mayor and other representatives about current initiatives and learn about projects such as the planned repaving of neighborhood streets. You get to submit your questions for the mayor to ask as well in advance – via email to opi@birminghamal.gov. If you can’t make it to Boutwell, Fox 6 is scheduled to stream the event on its website.

Photo: Bob Farley/f8Photo

Glen Iris residents want your help

We just got an email asking for residents to show up at tomorrow’s City Council meeting to show support for residents of the city’s Glen Iris neighborhood. For more than a year they’ve been working to stop development of 107 apartments planned for the eastern side of George Ward Park on the former Knights of Columbus Property. Among other things, the park holds a 24-hole disc golf course.

They will attempt to convince the council tomorrow to initiate a Sector Plan Study of the portion of the Glen Iris Neighborhood that includes the property in question to determine the appropriate zoning. They’re also hoping for a moratorium on building while that sector plan study is being conducted.

The email contains all of the pertinent details.

This is a NO spam zone

A quick note from your friendly neighborhood stationmaster here. First of all, welcome to all of you who’ve recently discovered the site. We owe a great deal to some emails in recent days that have begun to expose us to a wider audience. We do want to make sure that you’re enjoying the experience though and one recent email’s got us a little worried that folks are staying a little quiet.

We guard our email lists dearly, almost to a fault, because of how much we hate spam. Well, we got an email earlier this morning that said that after signing up for one of our email lists (though we’re still not sure which one), they started receiving spam. If you’re having that problem, we need to know! We’ve actually held off posting items today because of checking to make sure our lists were OK and not compromised. We only send out one newsletter a week using iContact, while the daily post emails are handled by FeedBurner. Those should be the only ones you’re getting from us.

Drop us a line using any of the methods listed on our contact page and let us know if this has happened to you. We’d really appreciate it.