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UAB’s The Edge of Chaos officially opens

Johnson at The Edge of Chaos. acnatta/bhamterminal.comThis evening folks from across the city gathered for the official opening of The Edge of Chaos, a new collaborative multidisciplinary space at UAB on Birmingham’s Southside.

It wasn’t the first event held in the space, located on the fourth floor of the university’s Lister Hill Library and under construction since late last year. Since its soft opening during the summer, it’s hosted the most recent edition of Ignite Birmingham in addition to one of three Design for Good initiativeinspired workshops held across the country by AIGA. They’ve also given an opportunity for interested companies, thought-leaders and academics a taste of how the space could function not only during construction last October, but online as October 22 approached via video.

The reception was an opportunity for Steven Johnson (pictured above, standing), whose book “Where Good Ideas Come From”  inspired the space, see what his words led to in advance of his Samuelson lecture tomorrow at UAB’s Alumni House. It starts at 12 p.m. at is open to the public.

This video courtesy of the RSA Animates series may help some understand where the space is coming from, though you may also want to consider following its progress via Twitter or its blog.

UPDATE: A different view may be coming soon

Photo: acnatta/

UPDATE: The Birmingham News reports that UAB pulled the item from the agenda earlier this evening.

That evening rush hour view along I-65 may be getting a change soon (and one that may give northbound travelers something to look at. The Birmingham News learned that UAB planned to make a presentation to the university system’s board of trustees asking that they be allowed to purchase the Medical Center Inn; plans are said to involve an expansion of athletic fields for the school. More importantly for many, it means no more Waffle House in the city center (and right after they started to accept credit cards too).

We’ll see if we can learn anything else (or see if someone else does first) and let you know.

UPDATE: UAB’s Lister Hill Library limits access

UPDATE: 8.1.2008, 11:07 p.m.,

Click here to view what its looking like inside of the library during the first day of the new policies – just in time for students to return later this month.

Beginning today, if you are not a UAB student, faculty or staff member, or a student at another area college or university, can’t produce a work or student ID and can’t demonstrate a need for medical information, you will not be able to access UAB’s Lister Hill Library. They’ll also be letting state health or legal professionals in.

There’s no need to worry about not having access to information though. If you don’t fall into one of those categories mentioned earlier and you’re still seeking medical information, you can always visit The Kirklin Clinic’s Patient Resource Library, UAB’s Sterne Library or any of the area’s public libraries for assistance.

According to UAB’s Reporter Online website, the changes are part of an effort “to give the library back to the students.” Considering what they’re studying, we don’t blame them one bit.

UPDATE: Blaze is lighting up UAB’s campus


Bob Farley/f8Photo

The 3-ton, smoke-breathing statue of UAB’s mascot, Blaze, was unveiled Tuesday afternoon in front of the Bartow Arena. The 9 foot tall by 16 foot long, 7,000 pound smoke spewing statue created by artist T.J. Neil of Homosassa, FL. It cost approximately $30,000 was commissioned by the UAB National Alumni Society. UAB president Carol Garrison said the statue will breath smoke on special occasions, the first of which will be this weekend’s commencement (it starts at 2 p.m. on Saturday).

UPDATE: 5.1.2008; Click on the image above to view a few other images from the unveiling.

The Vagina Monologues, UAB

As part of the 2008 V-Day College Campaign, students at UAB will present two performances of “The Vagina Monologues” this weekend to raise money and awareness to stop violence against women and girls. The proceeds will be donated to Rape Response and the Family Violence program at the YWCA. The play is about what you think it is about and has a great history on how it came to be written. Read more about it. The performances will be held in the Hill University Center’s Alumni Auditorium on the UAB campus, 1400 University Blvd. Women-centered art will be on display and up for auction.

Cost: $10 regular admission, $5 for students of any schools with I.D. Call 934-8685 for more information.

Who’s responsible for Birmingham’s reputation?

We constantly talk about the University of Alabama at Birmingham as being the economic engine of not just the city or the region, but the state.

Today one the columnists for their student newspaper, the Kaleidoscope, decided to pose a rather powerful question (and challenge) to her fellow students and I believe to the community at large.

I think that the challenge should also be brought to the masses.

Which leads us to today’s Magic City Question (we are aware that our front page feature has “stalled” working on that right now).

Let us know what you think by clicking here to answer and please pass the question’s link on to everyone you know…

AXIS Dance Company, Alys Stephens Center

Axis will challenge your notions of dance and movement by turning the whole concept of choreography upside down. The company’s innovative repertories of physically integrated works feature dancers with and without disabilities. Choreographer Bill T. Jones says, “There is no more defiant a land that I can think of than Axis. They showed me what dance could be.” The Alys Stephens Center is located at 1200 10th Ave. South on the UAB campus.Cost: $25-45, students $10