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UAB’s The Edge of Chaos officially opens

Johnson at The Edge of Chaos. acnatta/bhamterminal.comThis evening folks from across the city gathered for the official opening of The Edge of Chaos, a new collaborative multidisciplinary space at UAB on Birmingham’s Southside.

It wasn’t the first event held in the space, located on the fourth floor of the university’s Lister Hill Library and under construction since late last year. Since its soft opening during the summer, it’s hosted the most recent edition of Ignite Birmingham in addition to one of three Design for Good initiativeinspired workshops held across the country by AIGA. They’ve also given an opportunity for interested companies, thought-leaders and academics a taste of how the space could function not only during construction last October, but online as October 22 approached via video.

The reception was an opportunity for Steven Johnson (pictured above, standing), whose book “Where Good Ideas Come From”  inspired the space, see what his words led to in advance of his Samuelson lecture tomorrow at UAB’s Alumni House. It starts at 12 p.m. at is open to the public.

This video courtesy of the RSA Animates series may help some understand where the space is coming from, though you may also want to consider following its progress via Twitter or its blog.

Random Shots: A year-round Pepper Place Market?


Photo: André Natta/bhamterminal.com.

Still waiting to get some additional information about this space, but it is currently being worked on in Birmingham’s Pepper Place. It appears that it will be another option for those seeking fresh produce in Birmingham (in addition to Jones Valley Urban Farm and the Jefferson County Farmers Market on Finley Avenue and a few others recently profiled in this Birmingham Weekly post). The sign says that the Farmers Market Cooperative will be “coming soon” though.