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It’ll take just a little longer at Ruffner

Tree Top Vistors Center - Ruffner Mountain Nature CenterWe’ve just received word that the repaving of the parking lot onĀ Ruffner Mountain Nature Center‘s East Lake side that was scheduled for this week will now not start until tomorrow morningĀ (BTW, they’ve launched their new website earlier this week).

If everything goes according to plan, officials at the center hope that hikers will be able to access the hiking trails from the East Lake side of the mountain beginning on Tuesday, June 30 (though they would rather you call the center before you head over there just in case bad weather causes additional delays).

The new visitors center is still not scheduled to be open to the general public until August; so for now you’ll just have to watch it from afar – after Tuesday – until then. The website’s front page has information about other access points for folks wanting to hike.

Image: courtesy of the organization’s website.

On the agenda: One laptop per councilor

In case you missed it yesterday morning, Mayor Langford presented each of the members of the Birmingham City Council with an HP Mini notebook, comple with capability to connect to the Internet using WiFi and an AirCard courtesy of Verizon Wireless. They also received an 8 GB jump drive containing several city reports, including the budget that they are currently working on and a bag to carry it all in; Birmingham Weekly tweeted a description of the embroidered message. A series of classes will be offered for those councilors and city employees that are interested.

The Birmingham News pointed out the total cost of the expenditure in today’s paper, as well as the status of the budget that seems to have encouraged their distribution.

UPDATE: UAB’s Lister Hill Library limits access

UPDATE: 8.1.2008, 11:07 p.m.,

Click here to view what its looking like inside of the library during the first day of the new policies – just in time for students to return later this month.

Beginning today, if you are not a UAB student, faculty or staff member, or a student at another area college or university, can’t produce a work or student ID and can’t demonstrate a need for medical information, you will not be able to access UAB’s Lister Hill Library. They’ll also be letting state health or legal professionals in.

There’s no need to worry about not having access to information though. If you don’t fall into one of those categories mentioned earlier and you’re still seeking medical information, you can always visit The Kirklin Clinic’s Patient Resource Library, UAB’s Sterne Library or any of the area’s public libraries for assistance.

According to UAB’s Reporter Online website, the changes are part of an effort “to give the library back to the students.” Considering what they’re studying, we don’t blame them one bit.

Citywide WiFi still on the radar

Wifi Rest Stop - brionv/FlickrOne of the projects announced early on by Mayor Langford’s administration was the goal to have Birmingham, AL covered with wireless Internet access (making us the first major city in the United States truly able to make that claim). Now, while the metro area has several hotspots areas already (more than 343 – send in others if you see them), there’s always room for more. That’s where negotiations with Bright House Networks enter the picture, though according to this ABC 33/40 posting, it may not be exactly what the mayor was hoping for either…

Photo: Rest stop wifi. brionv/Flickr.

Starbucks to offer free WiFi in Birmingham, nationwide

Soon you’ll be getting at least a couple of hours of free internet access coming to you at Birmingham area Starbucks. The Seattle-based coffee company announced today that it will soon end its long term partnership with T-Mobile, instead working with AT&T to offer their customers up to two hours of free wireless access at all of their more than 100,000 locations for all AT&T customers and Starbucks Card holders before charging $3.99 for two additional hours of service.

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