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We speak with a Lowland Southern dialect

dialect map screenshotYes, someone has created a map of North American English dialects, based on pronunciation patterns and it’s recently been updated.

It was developed by Rick Aschmann, a professional linguist and Christian missionary who grew up traveling back and forth between Mexico and the U.S.

The full map includes links to YouTube videos as well as audio clips of individuals thought to be representative of the specific area’s speech patterns.

Who are the folks used as examples for Birmingham, AL? There are three actually – U.S. Senator Richard ShelbyU.S. Congressman Spencer Bachus and retired Florida State University (and Woodlawn High School alum) Bobby Bowden (NOTE: the videos linked to are not necessarily the ones used by the site).

If you disagree with his findings, you can always contact him.

Screenshot of the North American Dialect map. Courtesy of website.

JeffCo Commission District 1 election tomorrow (& July 13)

election signTomorrow’s runoff election is specifically for residents of Jefferson County living in District 1 and pertains to the commission seat vacated when William Bell became mayor of Birmingham, AL earlier this year. The winner serves the remainder of Bell’s term, set to expire at the end of the year.

The crazy thing is that you’ll be given a choice between Birmingham City Councilman Johnathan Austin and retired General George Bowman tomorrow – and on July 13. The second election will determine the Democratic nominee for November’s general election.

Confused yet?

The Birmingham News‘ editorial board explains the situation as clearly as it can be, but it can still be a little disturbing if you think about it. One scenario, for example, could lead us to have to hold another special election to fill Austin’s unexpired term at City Hall if he’s successful tomorrow.

If you’re a resident of District 1 and you want some help figuring out just who to vote for, the Birmingham Young Democrats are teaming up with Women of Will (WOW) to host a candidates runoff forum this evening at 5:30 p.m. at Cosmos Sports Bar and Grill in Norwood.

Candidates for Alabama’s 7th Congressional District seat in Congress – Terri Sewell and Shelia Smoot – will be there too. You’ll only have to vote for them once (& won’t have to do that until July 13).

Meet Soledad, The Bottletree’s fawn

Soledad. acnatta/FlickrA notable member of The Bottletree‘s family has been on an extended vacation recently. The fawn that normally graces the liquor shelves of the Avondale eatery and music venue hitched a ride with London-based band The xx shortly after their March 23 performance there. They decided to name the fawn “Soledad” and they captured images from the journey and shared them via a blog. Soledad also apparently set up her own Twitter account but never used it. The fawn has recently returned to its perch overlooking the happenings at The Bottetree’s bar.

According to the most recent post, more adventures will be shared soon.

It was not the first item to ever hitch a ride with the band – you may also want to meet Richard the Hamster

Photo: Soledad. acnatta/Flickr

No fake mustaches in church? Really?

A Fake Moustache Warning. bovinity/FlickrThe fact that Birmingham, AL ranked as the country’s 30th craziest city in a recent list shouldn’t be what throws you for a loop. It should be the ability to be reminded about just how crazy some of the laws on the books in the state of Alabama are.

Among them, the fact that it’s illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes folks to laugh at church. Really…

So where is the weirdest city in the U.S. according to the list created by The Daily Beast based on the number of psychiatrists per capita, stress levels, eccentricity and drinking levels (our numbers are 9, 31, 36 and 38 respectively)? Cincinnati, OH.

Check out the full list of crazy cities on The Daily Beast’s website. Of course, you can always sign a virtual petition to change the law

Photo: A Fake Moustache Warning. bovinity/Flickr

I want a Tequilabot

We think that several people who’ve already seen Cantina‘s newest commercial (created by Vacant Manifesto) are probably thinking the same thing right now. We’re a little late to the party, especially considering that wrote their post about it on January 2, with it hitting BuzzFeed sometime last week as well.

For those of you that don’t frequent those sites (or the website that the commercial was created for – Birmingham’s newest online magazine, Pavo – we just couldn’t pass this opportunity up…

Hunting for hidden treasure in Birmingham

levyslogoScott Register (of Reg’s Coffee House fame) let folks in on a little secret around metro Birmingham today via his Facebook account. Apparently Levy’s Jewelers… we’ll just let you read it as Reg wrote it:

“…They cleaned out a bunch of nice jewelry that was stuck in inventory, wrapped it up in their signature silver boxes & blue ribbons and randomly hid them all over Birmingham. Finders Keepers so to speak…

According to the comments in the Facebook status, they’ve hidden one silver box tied with a piece of blue ribbon for each of the years they’ve been in business (87 in all) everywhere from groceries to hospitals and everywhere in between. Sounds like a fun scavenger hunt to us.

Have you visited Goldie?

If you’re in Tuscaloosa between now and the end of December this year and you’re walking by Woods Quad on the Alabama campus, you’ll stumble upon a sculpture created by graduate student Joe McCreary (who just so happens to work as the metal arts education coordinator at Sloss Furnaces). The piece, named Goldie has a serious purpose to it though, according to the post on Alabama’s faculty/staff blog – dialog:

Goldie symbolizes the closing of Birmingham’s Sloss Furnaces in 1972 and America’s passage into the post-industrial era. The robot is not so much dead or sleeping as turned off.

Now there’s a photo of Goldie on the site, but we were wondering if someone wouldn’t mind scoring one for our use – in exchange for a white Terminal T of course. Drop us an email with the file or link if you’re interested.