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Election 2012: Remember Dale Peterson? Well, meet Kathy.

Kathy Peterson ad screenshotFrom the sometimes lightning can strike twice category: Some folks may remember the viral phenomenon that was Dale Peterson’s campaign ad as he attempted to secure the Republican nomination for Alabama’s agriculture commissioner in 2010.

He didn’t win, but the video turned him into an Internet sensation; the folks at Funny or Die even created a spoof of the spot, which was covered by both The Huffington Post and New York magazine.

Well, earlier today a Birmingham resident found a video that had already been posted online via various news outlets (including The Gadsden Times and the Montgomery Advertiser). He also just happened to share with the folks at Videogum.

It seems that Perterson’s wife, Kathy, is running to become the state’s Public Service Commission president. That image up and to your left is a still from the two-minute piece that’s currently on YouTube.

We figure a spoof is coming – we’re just waiting to find out when. This is a great excuse though to remind folks that this year’s primary vote will be held on March 13, so don’t forget to register before March 2 (and to vote).

I want a Tequilabot

We think that several people who’ve already seen Cantina‘s newest commercial (created by Vacant Manifesto) are probably thinking the same thing right now. We’re a little late to the party, especially considering that Heavy.com wrote their post about it on January 2, with it hitting BuzzFeed sometime last week as well.

For those of you that don’t frequent those sites (or the website that the commercial was created for – Birmingham’s newest online magazine, Pavo – we just couldn’t pass this opportunity up…