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Take a detour onto Arkadelphia

Arkadelphia - Photo by Jolyn Picard If you’re looking to chill out and enjoy some good old fashion rock and roll in the process, check out Speakeasy tonight. Here’s what happened with Whitney got together with the members of the headlining band for tonight’s show, Arkadelphia:

Growing up on the outskirts of the Western metro, I am very very familiar with Arkadelphia Road. For most folks, it means Birmingham Southern College, a corridor to Memphis and miles and miles of the country scenery Alabama is known for, but for me it’s home.

Same goes for the newest bassist for local band Arkadelphia, Justin. He’s a native of Curry (My kid sis is #31 for the Lady Jackets basketball team!) and was an excellent translator of my thick accent when I met up with him and the two founding members of Arkadelphia Wednesday night. Lead singer and guitarist Lee Baines III grew on Birmingham’s Southside and knows a thing or two about classic soul, country and rock & roll.  I don’t just say that, it’s in his voice. The southern hospitality, the white tee and cowboy boots and the Jerry Lee Lewis-esque swagger that he emits during performance is all very Alabama, in the best way possible. Drummer Ra-Jaan Parmely has been calling Birmingham home since his transplant from Sacramento, California eleven years ago. All of these guys are legendary in town for being vital players for bands like Duquette Johnston‘s Rebel Kings, Model Citizen, Dan Sartain‘s band and the Grenadines.

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Speakeasy deals in the Black Market

The lede’s up on the front page; I’ll wait while you go check it out…

OK, I sat down and talked with George about a great upcoming development.

WHITNEY: Give us a quick description of what’s happening in Georgeland lately.
GEORGE: The Black Market Bar (BMB) is located at the Colonnade on Highway 280. It is somewhere you would find in the pages of a graphic novel or on screen in a detective noir film. The walls are dark with mood colors and low lighting. The staff is friendly, hip and well-versed on signature drinks, beer and wine. Coffee drinks too. The food menu is to the point and original. Our hours of operation are 4 pm to 5 am. (closed on Sundays & Mondays) The BMB is non-smoking, thankfully, BUT has a huge covered patio that is available for cancer causing habits. My theory is… If you go out late, then you want to go somewhere nice…

W: How did this idea for a new Birmingham bar come about? Was it a long time in the making?
G: I came up with the concept back in the fall of 2007. Since I opened the Speakeasy in ’06 I knew I wasn’t going to sit still with just one bar. I like the idea of a different location to try new things without betraying the atmosphere people are accustomed to at the Speakeasy. Black Market Bar + Speakeasy + Firefighting = no sleep, but thats ok. Continue reading

Friday is pretty folkin’ busy

This week has been somewhat spotty and the Birmingham scene has taken some days off local music-wise, but Friday makes up for it.

#1: Speakeasy is hosting a Birmingham Folk Festival benefit with some great acts, including a Grey Watson (Sorry Saints) solo set so you can check him out before his band plays The Terminal’s benefit on the 26th. Drop by 1920 3rd Ave N. and enjoy your Friday night.

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r3vrb destinations 5.1 – 5.3

This is another great weekend for local bands. I’ve never picked a show at Speakeasy before, but they’ve got a great one this weekend for y’all, and that ain’t the half of it:

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