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Speakeasy deals in the Black Market

08.15.2008 by André Natta · → 2 Comments

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The lede’s up on the front page; I’ll wait while you go check it out…

OK, I sat down and talked with George about a great upcoming development.

WHITNEY: Give us a quick description of what’s happening in Georgeland lately.
GEORGE: The Black Market Bar (BMB) is located at the Colonnade on Highway 280. It is somewhere you would find in the pages of a graphic novel or on screen in a detective noir film. The walls are dark with mood colors and low lighting. The staff is friendly, hip and well-versed on signature drinks, beer and wine. Coffee drinks too. The food menu is to the point and original. Our hours of operation are 4 pm to 5 am. (closed on Sundays & Mondays) The BMB is non-smoking, thankfully, BUT has a huge covered patio that is available for cancer causing habits. My theory is… If you go out late, then you want to go somewhere nice…

W: How did this idea for a new Birmingham bar come about? Was it a long time in the making?
G: I came up with the concept back in the fall of 2007. Since I opened the Speakeasy in ’06 I knew I wasn’t going to sit still with just one bar. I like the idea of a different location to try new things without betraying the atmosphere people are accustomed to at the Speakeasy. Black Market Bar + Speakeasy + Firefighting = no sleep, but thats ok.
W: Will Black Market also be as involved in the same musical venue capacity as Speakeasy is?
G: No ma’am.

W: What is your target group of folks for this new bar?
G:  My target group is my friends and family on the “good side of town” haha 280 folks have had limited choices of pool hall dives and chain restaurants for too long. I am offering something else.

W: Is there a launch/opening event planned at all and what is a reasonable opening date to expect to be able to hang out there?
G: I’ll have a handful of preview parties. A reasonable opening date is in October. The liquor license process is a 3 months long affair.

W: Any Speakeasy or Black Market shows or events Terminal readers should know about?
G: The (BMB) is already staffed with folks I know that can entertain and bartend like champs. And as for the Speakeasy, we’ve created  back to back nights of mischief and mayhem with $1 well drinks on wednesday and $2 any beer night on Thursday. Oh and Friday Sept 19 (also my birthday!!) is THE BEAUTIFUL & DAMNED party — a night of trash, glam and goth, and it’ll be a 4 a.m. affair! Once a month is the ROCK U METAL KARAOKE. It’s been the first time I stopped letting people in because it was so busy! Sworn Enemies are playing New Years’ Eve… we’ve got TONS worth checking out!
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