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Get Wild Sweet Orange on MTVu

It’s quite simple actually – and thanks to the folks at Reg’s Coffee House for making us aware of it…

Wild Sweet Orange has one of the five videos up for The Freshman spot on MTVu this week. So get on over there and cast your vote – NOW (or at least before noon on Friday!) – to influence whether one of your favorite local bands gets that much more national exposure, courtesy of MTVu.

Whitney Duncan shoots video at Sloss

Whitney Duncan at Sloss - Bob Farley/f8Photo

Bob Farley/f8photo

Whitney Duncan, a country singer and former contestant on television show Nashville Star produced music videos for three songs – “Right Road Now,” “Open Road” and “When I Said I Would” – in Birmingham this past week. Wednesday night the Bessemer-based production company Erwin Brothers, shot scenes at Sloss Furnaces. About 200 extras were on hand to play adoring fans and concert goers for the video accompanying her song “When I Said I Would.”

Click on the image above to view images from the video shoot last night. In one scene Duncan signs autographs for a crush of her fans. In the other she and her band perform on the Sloss stage. The single and video for “When I Said I Would” is due out this summer. Duncan records on the Warner Bros. label.