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r3vrb destinations 4.17 – 4.19

This weekend isn’t nearly as star studded as the last one, but it’s no slouch. It starts off mellow, but by Saturday it’s getting ready to kick you in the teeth (in a good way).We’ve got to warm up to that, and we’ll do so with a few sing-writers. (I’m coining this shortening of singer/songwriter as of right…now!) Enough silliness. Music time:

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r3vrb destinations 1.17 – 1.19

Hello again, my new-found friends. I hope those of you who followed my lead last week had a good time. I sure did! Ready for another one? This week boasts a couple of big-name acts, and a little bit of everything for the discerning concert-goer. Whatever your tastes: Hip-Hop, Rock, Country, Singer-Songwriter, it’s all there for your absorption. So gather your wits about you and brace yourself, ’cause here we go:

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