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A busy day (virtually) for Jon Black

Suit2small. Photo by Caleb Chancey | http://www.calebchanceyphotography.com/Birmingham-based musician Jon Black already has already had a pretty nice past few days. After all, he did kick off Saturday’s set of performances at this year’s Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores.

Well, the best way to top that experience is to get interviewed by American Songwriter at the festival. They also do a video interview – and a video performance of “My Love Is With You All The Time” – that they post to their website.

Then he gets to pen a personal account about his experience at the Hangout over on Carla Jean Whitley’s Birmingham Box Set just hours after the magazine’s post goes live (he’d been interviewed for the blog just before the festival).

He was also able to talk about the song he wrote for The Wind Will Cary The Voice of The People, the compilation created in the wake of the April 27 tornadoes (with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross).

The newest member of the Dualtone Music Group also has a digital 45 available on his site. The cost? A tweet, a Facebook status or an email helping him spread the word.

Photo by Caleb Chancey.

In Love With: Waxing Nostalgic

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Is it possible to have nostalgia for things that are only a few years past? I’ve only lived in Birmingham for a bit past four years now, but I’ve already seen some changes to this city. Almost all of them have been steps forward, taken by brave entrepreneurs, cool people, and those determined to make Birmingham an even more terrific place to live. A few of them however, are changes that sadden me. Even after a short time here, I can name a few places I miss every time I pass by, namely the old location of V. Richards in Forest Park, Vestavia’s Moonlight Music Café and the Highland Coffee Company.

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