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UPDATE: A petition supporting area food trucks appears

Food Truck. Courtesy of Operation New Birmingham

See updates below | It’s been a long time since anyone’s talked about the issue of food trucks here in Birmingham, AL – relatively speaking. It’s been nearly two years since an episode that eventually led to ONB announcing and then changing its stance on them.

It’s not hard to find folks supportive of their existence based on the crowds that gathered for two different events built around them in the metro area held on the same day back on May 12. If nothing else, folks are more aware of just how many options they have.

Some residents are wanting to make sure that members of Birmingham’s City Council are aware of how many people enjoy the options currently available to folks who work, live, and visit our fair city. They’ve already garnered about 75 virtual signatures as of 10 a.m. this morning on a Change.org petition asking our municipal legislative body to establish policies that support them when possible (and they’ll probably reach their goal of 100 well before lunchtime).

Early Wednesday evening, July 11, the owner of Spoonfed Grill shared an update from a Birmingham City Council meeting where new regulations were being discussed.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/SpoonFedGrill/status/223184528913596416″]

It’s been interesting to look at the conversation taking place on the petition’s page, particularly when you look at what some who aren’t signing the petition are saying about whether or not other issues facing the area need the same level of opinion.

UPDATE 3 p.m.: According to a post this afternoon on Magic City Post, the total number of signatures being sought has been raised to 500 – and its nearly reached that goal as well.

UPDATE 5:27 p.m.: The Birmingham News is now reporting that the new goal for Naomi Anderegg’s effort  is 1,000; it’s currently at 617.

UPDATE 7/15, 8:50 a.m.: A quick check of the petition currently shows the new goal as being 1,500 signatures with more than 1,160 already collected.

UPDATE: On the agenda: Amnesty and advertising

Official flag of the City of BirminghamThis morning’s Birmingham City Council meeting is already underway as I’m writing this and there are several items on the agenda of interest.

Item 27 is the first reading of a change to the city code that would alter the look of our city streets. The change would allow our transit authority, the BJCTA, “to advertise on bus stops, benches, and/or shelters” providing a new revenue stream to the agency. The item was withdrawn by Councilor Rafferty because of an addition that needed to be made to the item.

Item 30 would let Mayor Bell enter into a redevelopment agreement with the Alabama School of Fine Arts providing no more than $30,300.00 for “public streetscape and infrastructure improvements and rebate of construction fees in support of ASFA’s expansion project.”

Items 29 & 68 will make those who owe overdue taxes and parking fines respectively at least a little happier. It would allow for an amnesty period (the month of November for taxes; October and November for parking, traffic and other non-moving violations) for people to pay the amounts due without having to worry about the penalties.

Council meetings are streamed live weekly and archived on the city’s website.

How can you help Haiti from Birmingham?

PHOTO: House split in half in Haiti. marvinady/twitpicDue to the tragic events that occurred in Haiti’s capitol city in the last 24 hours, a common question is being asked by not just Birmingham, AL residents but everyone is “How can I help?” Well thankfully there are several answers…

Currently 98.7 Kiss FM and WAGG 610 AM is broadcasting from Kelly Ingram Park (across from the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute) and they’re collecting any loose change that you may find or have so that it can benefit Transform Haiti and the American Red Cross.

Verizon Wireless has asked customers that want to donate money to the American Red Cross text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to current relief efforts.

MSNBC has created a list of charities that are currently active in Haiti.

If you know of any other ways to help, add them to the comments section below.

Photo: House split in half in Haiti. marvinady/Twitpic

From the Stationmaster: Help out The Bottletree

I generally do not write directly to y’all  unless it’s over on my Birmingham, but I feel as though this is a necessary reason…

Bottletree BW logoSome of you have no doubt heard about The Bottletree’s situation as a result of City Stages’ recent decision to shut down. I do know that The Bottletree has been a major supporter of The Terminal from day one and one of the main reasons that this site is still operating as of right now. I will say that I don’t have any way to put my money where my mouth is because right now I don’t have any money.

Since I can’t support a business that has helped me out on numerous occasions when I’ve been down and out when they need that generosity returned financially, I’m asking you to find any way that you can to help Merrilee, Brad and the rest of the folks over there out.

Eat, drink, see a show, leave a big tip – anything – and if you know of any other vendors that need assistance, besides the ones mentioned in this report by ABC 33/40, please submit a comment to this post and let all of us know.

Help bring Happyness to Birmingham in September

gardnerchristopherA large crowd turned out to watch the advance screening of The Pursuit of Happyness at the Alabama Theatre in December 2006 to help support The Firehouse Shelter. Well, now you have a chance to help bring the film’s subject, Christopher Gardner, to Birmingham on September 3 as the keynote for the United Way’s campaign kickoff!

Keppler Speakers is giving away a keynote speech by Gardner with all expenses paid to one lucky organization to help celebrate the launch of his new book and we’ve got until the end of today (June 15) to help the United Way of Central Alabama be that organization.

Find out how after the jump.

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Birmingham’s “Voice of Civil Rights Movement” ill in NYC

Odetta in Birmingham. ILIGHT/FlickrSinger/songwriter Odetta is currently in critical condition at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York after suffering kidney failure according to a statement released by her manager and published on WFMU’s blog earlier today. 

The Birmingham native is still expecting to perform at President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 20. Those who wish to pass along well wishes will want the hospital’s address, which follows:

Ms. Odetta Gordon
Room # 719, 7th Floor ICU Unit
100 East 77th Street
New York, NY 10021

Thank my former student government advisor (and good friend) John Bennett in Savannah for the lead.

Photo: Odetta in Birmingham. ILIGHT/Flickr

AJU supports larger study of tuition spiral

Andrew Jackson University has made several big splashes in recent months. The wholly online institution of higher learning recently announced a plan that would eventually do away with students having to pay tuition costs for students. The university has now added rather vocal support of Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s expanded look into the tuition spiral (it looks like there’s already been a lot of research begun on the topic by our government agencies while searching, here’s one example).

Actually if you scroll down the page (which Andrew Jackson is currently on as well), you’ll see that it’s become a buzz word recently. We’d normally reserve this for that other section of the site, but we’re wondering what do you think – about the announcement and the problem as it affects us as a whole?