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UPDATE: On the agenda: Amnesty and advertising

Official flag of the City of BirminghamThis morning’s Birmingham City Council meeting is already underway as I’m writing this and there are several items on the agenda of interest.

Item 27 is the first reading of a change to the city code that would alter the look of our city streets. The change would allow our transit authority, the BJCTA, “to advertise on bus stops, benches, and/or shelters” providing a new revenue stream to the agency. The item was withdrawn by Councilor Rafferty because of an addition that needed to be made to the item.

Item 30 would let Mayor Bell enter into a redevelopment agreement with the Alabama School of Fine Arts providing no more than $30,300.00 for “public streetscape and infrastructure improvements and rebate of construction fees in support of ASFA’s expansion project.”

Items 29 & 68 will make those who owe overdue taxes and parking fines respectively at least a little happier. It would allow for an amnesty period (the month of November for taxes; October and November for parking, traffic and other non-moving violations) for people to pay the amounts due without having to worry about the penalties.

Council meetings are streamed live weekly and archived on the city’s website.

Last day for ticket amnesty, take two

If you’ve been sitting around for the last month upset that you didn’t pay your long overdue parking tickets back in July during the amnesty period, we’d like to remind you that the city extended the deadline until today.

That’s right, you can feel relaxed as you head to your game later this week if you’re not worried about a boot on the car.

So head over the city’s online payment center or run over to the courthouse and wipe that slate clean.

While you’re there, you may want to pay ours…

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UPDATE: Pay your overdue tickets today

UPDATE: 8.1.2008, 2 p.m.

Apparently City Hall’s feeling generous as the parking amnesty program is being extended until August 29.

Today’s the last day of the City of Birmingham‘s amnesty program for folks with long overdue parking tickets.

Time out on overdue parking tickets. acnatta/bhamterminal.com

Time's up on amnesty for overdue parking tickets. acnatta/bhamterminal.com

If you think you owe money for a past due ticket or other minor traffic violation and you don’t want to pay the fines associated with those tickets, you may want to visit the city’s municipal court building downtown (directions – FYI: it will cost you to park your car in the lot there as well as around the building, so bring change) or pay on the city’s website.