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From the Stationmaster: Help out The Bottletree

I generally do not write directly to y’all  unless it’s over on my Birmingham, but I feel as though this is a necessary reason…

Bottletree BW logoSome of you have no doubt heard about The Bottletree’s situation as a result of City Stages’ recent decision to shut down. I do know that The Bottletree has been a major supporter of The Terminal from day one and one of the main reasons that this site is still operating as of right now. I will say that I don’t have any way to put my money where my mouth is because right now I don’t have any money.

Since I can’t support a business that has helped me out on numerous occasions when I’ve been down and out when they need that generosity returned financially, I’m asking you to find any way that you can to help Merrilee, Brad and the rest of the folks over there out.

Eat, drink, see a show, leave a big tip – anything – and if you know of any other vendors that need assistance, besides the ones mentioned in this report by ABC 33/40, please submit a comment to this post and let all of us know.

Birmingham’s OK, but…

That’s the message that city officials probably heard when they learned that The Birmingham Fund had lost $10 million in the last six months. The sobering  news may provide support to the Birmingham City Council‘s plans to not pledge money to support projects recently presented by Mayor Langford, including several that have been presented to council twice in recent weeks, though according to reports the account is still outperforming the benchmarks set for it.

The council’s current approach will face a challenge if Senator Shelby is successful in getting more monies appropriated for a mass transit solution here in metro Birmingham. The current $100 million will be forfeited soon – for several reasons. It will also face some challenges if stimulus monies are received for projects.