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Who do you trust politically, Birmingham?

The question of trust when considering our local politicians has been one on the minds of many recently, especially in light of the recent trial and conviction of former Birmingham City Councilor and Jefferson County Commissioner John Katapodis on federal charges. Birmingham Weekly‘s Kyle Whitmire wrote an extensive piece on the issue of political corruption in Alabama for last week’s edition while The Birmingham NewsJoey Kennedy decided to ask “Who’s your favorite convicted Jefferson County commissioner?” on his al.com blog. The poll’s still open…

So we were wondering…

Which politician in metro Birmingham do you trust the most? Share your answers on Magic City Question.

The Caputo Report changes directions

Caputo Report logoPascal Caputo has served as the vice president of public policy for the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce for nearly two years. For the last seven months he has shared posts on The Caputo Report, a blog that became a valuable tool for the organization in terms of sharing perspectives on Chamber-related issues.

Well, beginning with this post filed on Saturday, the blog is now reflecting only the opinions of Mr. Caputo as he prepares to leave the Chamber in advance of the soon to be reorganized Chamber (their merger with the Metropolitan Development Board will be complete later this summer). He explains what he hopes to continue to do with the blog in the near future. This comes after

Logo: Courtesy of The Caputo Report.

Arrington’s back

That’s the simple version of what’s been reported by two outlets in recent days. The recent edition of The Birmingham Times reported on its front page that the former mayor Richard Arrington, Jr. had changed his official residential address back to The Magic City’s Vinesville neighborhood and was thinking about creating a new political coalition based on the Jefferson County Citizens Coalition he founded more than 20 years ago.

Today’s front page story in The Birmingham News digs a little deeper into the situation, getting an interesting response from the former mayor in terms of whether or not he’d consider running for office again in 2011 as well as the current office holder‘s opinions about Arrington’s recent actions.