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What else is there besides ‘Dega this weekend?

Don’t know about y’all, but I’m going racin’ this weekend. As in racin’ with them boys out at Dega. But don’t worry, before I head out to the track I’ve got plenty for you non-racing fans to do this weekend. Just head over to Timetable for more while I get all pretty for Kasey Kahne.

Films and fun grace the Magic City this weekend

Geez, do you really need me to tell you that the biggest party in town will be downtown this weekend? Happy Anniversary to the Sidewalk folks as they celebrate 10 years of bringing fresh and new film to the Magic City while encouraging our own talented filmmakers. But if you really wonder if anything else is going on worth mentioning, keep reading over on Timetable.

Still not sure what to do?

Lots to share with you this weekend. Seems that the crisp fall air has arrived right on time for some fabulous events both inside and out, in and around the Magic City. Read more on Timetable, The Terminal’s art and entertainment destination.

Stuff we want for the weekend

I’ve got dishes to wash, two loads of laundry to fold, garbage to take to the alley … I know it’s not just me. We’re all so busy these days. But the weekend, oh, it really should be time for us to do the stuff we want. Be sure to carve out some you time and if you got the little ones, some family time.

Head over to Timetable to see if any of my suggestions will be good use of your time.

Your gameplan for the weekend awaits

Now that football season has OFFICIALLY started (we know with all the recruiting, practice and magazine articles, football here never really goes away), you may think there is no other game in town. And while the schedule has thinned a bit, there is some competition for your time. Don’t drop the ball, find your game plan over on the Timetable. Where I promise you will find no more sports references, really.

Getting out of the house this weekend

After all that rain, I sure do want to get outside and run around in the sunshine. We live in a lucky city that way — lots of parks near and not too far, good green spaces with more to come. So my theme this week is getting out of the house, literally.

Head over to the Timetable for my fresh (air) ideas.

Decisions, decisions at the end of the week

It’s that time again. Time when you see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize you’ve survived another week of to-do lists and endless meetings. Only one thing left to do on that to-do list and that’s decide your weekend plans.

So get to it. Here are my suggestions.