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Here’s your chance to be “real” on MTV

It’s been several years (1992 actually) since Birmingham residents were able to watch one of their own, a young woman named Julie, be one of the first members of a movement that has forever changed the way that we look at television, and reality television in particular. I remember being in town years later on my first visit to town and catching a glimpse of her over at the Western on Highland.

This Saturday, February 2, you’ll have an opportunity to see if you can’t join the cast of The Real World 21 and get recognized in grocery stores when they hold a casting call at Zydeco from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.¬† The folks that produce the show, Bunim/Murray, have more information on their website.

The University of Pittsburgh’s student newspaper, The Pitt News, ran this story earlier today talking about a similar upcoming casting call in our sister city.

Do Dah Day’s looking for 2008 T-shirt design

2007 Do Dah Day designThey’ve put out a call to artists in print (here’s the link to their site, though there is currently no mention of the open call there). You’ve got until Friday, January 11 to get in your design for the 2008 Do Dah Day t-shirt. Anyone seeking additional information should email There are some requirements, including:

  • Inclusion of one dog and one cat in design
  • Saying this year’s festival date (May 17, 2008)
  • Must be four-color art
  • Say “In support of local animal shelters”
  • Say Birmingham, AL
  • have their website – – somewhere in the design

You won’t get paid, at least not monetarily; you will be able to get stuff with your logo on it and the thanks of members of their board, sponsors and four-legged friends all over metro Birmingham.

This week on Timetable: new writers and help with plans

It’s Friday, which means that Christina gives us her take on what’s going on this weekend.

We’re also hoping that you’ve already headed on over to Timetable to check out the entries from a new member of the team, trav from over at {head}:sub/head.

Here are links to his first two submissions to Timetable:

Check out the posts, and the site, and let him know what you think…

Time to make plans for the weekend…

So you couldn’t score tickets for the Alabama vs. LSU game tomorrow? Well, there’s still some cool options of things to do here in town that may keep you too busy to pay attention to the score – Christina’s picks are up over on Timetable.

You may want to also check out our front page and add our new combined feed for Timetable and my Birmingham to your RSS reader – we’ll add an email subscription account for next week.

It’s time to get transit rolling

NABI bus demo

Photo credit: André Natta

Wouldn’t it be great if we had some sort of rapid transit connecting the BJCC/downtown with UAB/Five Points South? It’s actually in the works, and you have a chance to be part of the planning process this coming week.

According to this article by Eddie Lard on, the In-Town Transit Partnership Project has been planning this since 2005. Buses have been brought in for demonstration purposes, including the one pictured above that visited the city last November.

Currently the idea is to have free buses (larger ones than usual) running up and down a dedicated lane on 18th Street, with 10 bus stations along the way at spots including the Railroad Reservation Park and Central Station. The concept here is that transit attracts people, which means foot traffic, which means development–stores, restaurants, condos, offices, etc.

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A look back: August 30

August 30:


An unsuccessful strike by 18,000 United Mine Workers members was called off by union officials.

For more, visit

We’ve been quiet all weekend

We’re getting ready to return to regular posting shortly, after a long weekend of upgrades and failed attempts at creating features for the staff to use.

There is one feature that we’re going to invite you to use – or at least help with – next week we will attempt to roll out our new photoblog. Of course, in order to do that, we need photos.

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