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See Jane Write panel looks at blogging and community journalism this Thursday

See Jane Write logoThere are very few slots left for this Thursday’s See Jane Write Birmingham panel on blogging and community journalism at Innovation Depot. It’s a topic of particular interest to us as 2013 begins.

The panel will look talk about whether or not community news will flourish as we move forward and how bloggers can use their sites to cover issues that may not be getting the exposure they deserve. It will include Staci Brown BrooksAlabama Media Group/The Birmingham News; Emily Lowrey, Magic City PostErin Shaw Street, Southern Living magazine; and André Natta, The TerminalEdward T. Bowser, community engagement specialist for the Birmingham Hub of Alabama Media Group,will moderate.

For those not familiar with See Jane Write Birmingham, Javacia Harris Bowser started the “organization for women writers and bloggers in the Birmingham area” in March 2011. It now boasts an email list of at least 200. Additional plans for this year include Tweets & Sweets, a tweet-up and birthday party for Bowser that will serve as a fundraiser for the organization next month.

Those looking for help to jumpstart their blogging in 2013 may also be interested intaking part in the 31 Days to a Better Blog initiative she’s organized on her blog, The Writeous Babe.

Our first blogging awards explained

The Terminal's "Junction" in detailPeople following us on Twitter and Facebook are aware that we launched our first ever blogging awards on Monday morning in partnership with b-metro Magazine. It’s gotten a great deal of traffic so far though it hasn’t been mentioned by many people. We wanted to make sure that those of you not on those networks understood the basics.

There are two separate sets of categories – a readers choice poll and a juried contest that will also contain a readers choice component beginning August 30. Nominations for both sets of categories will close next Friday, August 27, at 11:59 p.m. CT. We’re asking effective the publishing of this post that those submitting readers choice nominations fill out at least three (3) of the categories per submission (you’re allowed to submit one set of nominations per day). Those submitting their blogs for consideration of in the juried categories are required to submit an entry fee of $10 per category.

Those of you looking for suggestions on what blogs and posts to nominate will be interested in checking out our new blog aggregator, It’s a work in progress but we think it will become quite useful to folks in the coming weeks and months. We’re looking forward to adding more blogs to the list and hearing which ones are your favorites!

Check out Some New Trend… today

Some New Trend stickersBlog fiction has remained, as described in its Wikipedia entry, an “isolated… fringe activity” area of the blogosphere. Well, there are a few writers here in Birmingham, AL that are hoping to change that with their latest collaborative effort, Some New Trend

This full length fiction story blog also doubles as a collection of posts in which contributors review books, music, and movies geared toward young adults. The site started in February, with the first chapter of the story being posted earlier this month. They have a presence on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Elisa over at Bike Skirt did a write-up earlier this month on SNT and some of the folks contributing to it. After you’re finished checking it out, go over there and read the first two chapters (or at least consider supporting them by buying some schwag)!

There’s a state creed for Alabama?

That’s one of the things that Left in Alabama contributor Redeye learned recently and decided to share with the popular blog’s readers

…and now we invite you to head on over there and learn it, Alabama’s state motto and the reason why the phrase “Heart of Dixie” is on all of the state’s license plates for yourself.

Where to go next?

That’s what local blogger Grammaticaster is asking for help with figuring out. After checking out this post about the situation over on Warum Ich Bin v3.0, you’ll want to pick one of the choices available in the top left hand corner of the site or offer a suggestion in the comments section. We’re pretty sure he’ll appreciate the assistance.

Daily Dixie’s done (for now)

That’s the word from Dan -a visit to the Daily Dixie site confirms the unfortunate fact. We’re gonna miss him. He says that he may be willing to let someone else take over (and that he may even return to it himself someday soon). There’s also a far from exhaustive list of the reasons he “quit” blogging.

For those that haven’t scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page, he promises that we’ll be able to go back and reminisce his entries soon…

So what’s it like to commute by bike?

Why not ask Brian – or at least check out his blog posts. We noticed a great deal of interest from our newsletter subscribers when we included his blog, Brian Commutes By Bike, in our Five Links section of our e-newsletter this past Friday, so we figured there may be several of you that may be interested as well.

The blog’s title says it all, or at least we hope it does. You may even get a chance to hear about some of the things we miss during our regular commutes…