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City Stages 2007: it’s a pretty good crowd for a Sunday…

OCOCOS stage crowd
and it was, particularly at the Legacy Credit Union and Coca Cola Classic/(OCOCOS – One Church, One City, One Stage) Stages.

For those that were at this year’s festival, we’d love to know what you think. Continue reading

City Stages 2007: Two down, one to go

Dr. John 

Earth Wind & Fire and Dr. John were among those who thrilled those who attended the second day of City Stages 2007.

The unofficial guide is still available for use on this third and final day of the festival for those that want to use it. Continue reading

City Stages 2007: Singin’ in the Shower… in Linn Park?

Rheem Shower logoPeople walking at the southern end of Linn Park were quick to notice the large shower sitting across from Birmingham, Alabama’s Board of Education building.

You’ve already missed the evening of competition, but there’s apparently still time to participate in the Singin’ in the Shower contest sponsored by Rheem Tankless and leave your own musical mark on this year’s festival. Continue reading

City Stages 2007: It begins

We’re going to break a cardinal rule of this medium: we’re going to apologize for the lack of information posted on this site in recent days. We have been trying to create an online guide for City Stages that is quite unique.

It is operational enough for people to begin using it this afternoon. Go on over and pass it on if you can. We wanted to give you something that would let you simply click on a site to hear the artists. We also wanted to encourage dialogue, so if you have a web enabled phone or PDA, you can comment about the band you’re watching or the festival in general. Continue reading

The Terminal’s mobile CS guide is up!

This is for the benefit of those that subscribe to the site’s RSS feed. While it is not finished, a significant portion of our unofficial guide to City Stages is now available for you to look at and critique.

The idea is simple – take advantage of the instant feedback feature of blogs while providing links to many of the scheduled performers’ official websites and MySpace profiles, allowing people to check out some of the bands in a little more depth.

It will also be accessible via mobile devices, meaning that you can comment on a band while standing in the crowd (though you may want to stand off to the side and do that). Continue reading

Tutwiler has rooms for City Stages weekend

Just in case you were thinking about getting tickets for City Stages but you didn’t want to drive home and thought rooms were already sold out downtown, there’s a glimmer of hope. The Tutwiler Hotel announced over the weekend that they were releasing several rooms that had been held for this weekend’s festival, (June 15-17). Continue reading