City Stages 2007: It begins

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We’re going to break a cardinal rule of this medium: we’re going to apologize for the lack of information posted on this site in recent days. We have been trying to create an online guide for City Stages that is quite unique.

It is operational enough for people to begin using it this afternoon. Go on over and pass it on if you can. We wanted to give you something that would let you simply click on a site to hear the artists. We also wanted to encourage dialogue, so if you have a web enabled phone or PDA, you can comment about the band you’re watching or the festival in general.

We didn’t write reviews – we’re encouraging all of you to go over to Birmingham Weekly’s site for the official write ups. And we’re going to link to everyone else’s reviews and posts, both positive and negative.

The best way to be the hub for information is to provide all sides. We had originally intended to not do the section due to not knowing how it would be received. We decided to do a modified version of the site anyway because we felt it was the right thing to do – to encourage the conversation using the best things we have available to us.

Your news feed should continue in approximately one hour. Enjoy. 


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