The Terminal’s mobile CS guide is up!

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This is for the benefit of those that subscribe to the site’s RSS feed. While it is not finished, a significant portion of our unofficial guide to City Stages is now available for you to look at and critique.

The idea is simple – take advantage of the instant feedback feature of blogs while providing links to many of the scheduled performers’ official websites and MySpace profiles, allowing people to check out some of the bands in a little more depth.

It will also be accessible via mobile devices, meaning that you can comment on a band while standing in the crowd (though you may want to stand off to the side and do that).

As we’ve said, it’s not finished yet; however the majority of the artists performing on the first two days have been entered as well as some general information.

Our goal is to have the site complete tomorrow afternoon, in time for people to use it as they navigate the festival or while they sit at home wondering what those that chose to attend are thinking about this year’s festival.

You can read why André decided to go ahead and put the site up by going on over to My Birmingham.

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