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Water restrictions relaxed in Birmingham

The Birmingham Water Works board has relaxed the Birmingham metropolitan area’s drought status to Stage 1, meaning that water restrictions will now be voluntary and fines will not be levied on those that choose not to participate. The utility made the announcement via a press release earlier today that was published by Fox 6 on their website. As of the time of this posting, the release had not been made available on the Water Works’ website.

The announcement comes nearly a week after the utility announced changes to their drought management plan. The changes were the result of suggestions made during the drought summit as well as others made by customers. The long term threat is still not over as the U.S. Drought Monitor still lists the utility’s service area as one in extreme conditions.

Another four years for Miss. governor

This is only interesting due to the large border we share with Mississippi. Haley Barbour won re-election Tuesday. The Republican counts his Katrina recovery efforts and landing the state its second car manufacturer as reasons enough to leave him in office.

At least we’re not fighting this neighbor for water.

2007 Drought: What’s up at the zoo?

So it’s still hot… and it’s not going away anytime soon, with today’s high reaching 103°. We know how we’re fairing in the heat, but how about the residents at one of the state’s busiest tourist destinations.

The folks at Fox 6 decided over the weekend let us know how the gang at the Birmingham Zoo was beating this insane heat recently, complete with video. We’d just love to have access to that pool right now.

Birmingham relaxes water restrictions, joins Homewood, Vestavia Hills

The Magic City joined Homewood in relaxing the time restrictions placed on area residents during the region’s stage 3 drought. The News’ post details the Birmingham City Council’s approval of a modification of the ordinance. The revision also allowed some area car washes to resume operation.

That change allows for city residents to water between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. The council’s move was similar to Homewood’s, who made their modification during their council meeting last night, in that it did not affect the day of week restrictions currently in place. Vestavia Hills has also revised their ordinance’s time restrictions, now allowing residents to water between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

The region remains under stage 3 drought conditions.

2007 Drought: Time changes, restrictions don’t

The Homewood City Council modified the time portion of their water restriction ordinance during this evening’s meeting according to reports from Fox6 News.

Residents may now water their lawns before 10 a.m. and after 8 p.m. The restrictions are still in place however, as they are throughout the region as a result of our stage 3 drought conditions.

2007 Drought: A way to save your plants

Despite the recent increase in area rainfall (and the discussion about how it might have come to be), there is still a great deal of time before we see an end to Birmingham’s extreme drought. Some of our residents are becoming increasingly creative with how they plan to save their outdoor plants. One example can be found over at My Tiny Kingdom as Anne explores how she can save her plants while still being mindful of the conditions around her.

2007 Drought: What do you think of the governor’s proclamation?

Governor Riley’s recent proclamation urging Alabama residents to pray for rain has drawn a wide range of opinions about his use of power. Here are two differing views of last week’s announcement:

Drought stricken Alabama has a prayer for relief, Change of Subject (Chicago Tribune), 7.6.2007

Rain Of Error: Constitutional Drought In Alabama, The Wall of Separation, 7.2.2007

What are your thoughts?