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Mayor declares water emergency in Birmingham

Mayor Bernard Kincaid is taking the recent announcement by the Birmingham Water Works raising our drought level quite seriously.

This morning the mayor declared a water emergency, effectively banning all outdoor watering. The order, according to The Birmingham News, allows police to cite those that choose to not heed the declaration, leading to fines and possibly jail time.

The last time this took place was in 2000, the last time the Water Works board declared a Stage 3 drought. Continue reading

Ban fireworks during the drought? Smoot suggests it

Sheila Smoot is suggesting that the County Commission ban the sale of fireworks during the drought, which was officially designated as being in stage 3 this morning.

This Birmingham News breaking news blog post has more information.

Definitely something to consider; we’re just wondering what happens to city celebrations as we get closer to July 4th

Water Works formally announces Stage 3

The Birmingham Water Works formally announced Stage 3 drought restrictions this morning during a news conference. The information posted yesterday is accurate; the links have been activated on the BWW site.

That post provides additional information about the restrictions and additional rules. Note that individual cities in the area may impose stricter regulations.

UPDATE: Water Works to announce Stage 3, will apply surcharges

6.7.2007 – Stage 3 announcement has been reposted on BWW website. All links are now active.

UPDATE: It appears as though the warning has been removed from the site as quickly as it appeared. We did save a PDF of the page using the site’s print function, (just in case) though it would be safe to assume that the warning may have been released earlier than intended.

4:37 p.m.;It appears that they will be making the formal announcement sometime tomorrow (Thursday). We will assume that at that time, either these links will be reactivated or new links will be created on the site. We will update this post accordingly and provide new information as it becomes available.

The Birmingham Water Works, serving much of the Birmingham, AL metropolitan area, has announced that the region served is now in Stage 3 of its drought management plan.

All watering guidelines that were in place during Stage 2 are now mandatory with violators facing penalties.

The Water Works site has the guidelines posted as part of the release, though the surcharges are not. Let’s hope it doesn’t get much worse before it gets better.