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This American Life live streams into theaters Thursday

Last year, Ira Glass took his Chicago Public Radio-produced radio series, This American Life, to the big screen so to speak. He performed a live stage version of the popular public radio show in Chicago and had it beamed digitally to screens across the country. Last year’s edition was so well received, he’s doing it again.

This American Life Live graphic - courtesy of official websiteThis Thursday, more than 400 theaters, including three within driving distance of Birmingham, will invite fans of the show to enjoy it (as it is performed in New York) in high definition with surround sound, complete with a musical performance by Joss Whedon and a story told via Post-It Notes by Starlee Kine.

Glass was recently interviewed by the Chicago Tribune in advance of a live performance at the Chicago Theater – a dry run for Wednesday’s event if you will. If you miss the performance on the 23rd, you may be able to check out an encore presentation on May 7.