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How do you know you’re IN an IN spot?

07.17.2008 by André Natta · → 1 Comment

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After many paper cuts and envelope licking, we have finally mailed out all of our ‘Congratulations You’re IN’ letters to IN spots all over town. Each letter came with a large red window decal designating the bar/store/restaurant/etc as IN.

IN Window decals - courtesy of IN Birmingham campaign

They are already popping up all over town!

One was spotted at Lou’s Pub yesterday…

I love Lou’s because it is a truly one of a kind joint where you always see someone you know.  It is just a great hang spot with lots of interesting locals and media types.  Proprietor Louis Zaden, his Mother, and staff are all characters.  A good place to a meet a friend or client for sure.” – John M.

another at Sol y Luna

There are so many “In” spots in this town, but none quite like Sol y Luna. Relaxed atmosphere. Food to die for. Margaritas like no where else. Everyone who comes to visit me gets to go there and we ALWAYS have a wonderful time.” – Claudine A.

And a little birdy forwarded me an excited ‘IN’ email from the Silvertron owners.

Just another way IN spots are spreading the good word.

Good food. Old time Birmingham charm”  – Scott C.

Keep your eyes out for the IN stickers! Let us know where you have seen an IN sticker!

P.S. – This post is dedicated to Melissa/Norma and Zack for all their help! Best IN-terns a gal could ever have! (hint – please don’t sue us for workman’s comp if your paper cuts have not healed)

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We saw one at the Fish Market in Southside the other night.